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Best Camera for wedding shoots?

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    I develop websites full time, and i want to get into videography. One of my best friends is an established photographer, and he shoots weddings all the time. He suggested looking into learning the trade, and I decided to put away some money for some equipment.

    I have experience shooting skateboard videos, a few amateur music videos, but never any weddings. I was looking around the forums the past week, and I have seen some good advice. I plan on hooking up with a well established crew, and tagging along a few times to learn as much as I can.

    The question I have is, what is the best camera/cameras to use to shoot a wedding? I have heard that the XL1/XL2 perform well, but not so well in low light conditions. Also, the VX2100 does well in low light, but colors are not as vivid in good light. Also, I am concerned about audio inputs on the camera. I know that most crews record separately, to MD or sometimes straight to iRiver or iPod. I am looking to spend around $2,000 for my wedding camera. Any suggestions?

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    Thanks for the advice! i will look into getting hold of a VX2100.

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    How about a JVC GY-DV500? Great cam but I’m not sure if it fits the ill for wedding shoots.

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    I’ve had great experiences with Canon XL2s and VX2000s. I still try to use a camera light in dark receptions though. No matter how well a camera performs in low light, a camera light will always make your image much better.

    Kris Simmons

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    Very true Hank. It’s been several years since I’ve shot a wedding and I know the cameras are much better in low light than they were even 2 years ago. However, even the cameras that do shoot well in low light are not going to give you the image that a camera light will give you. I used to show brides examples of shots without a camera light and shots with a camera light….then would ask them which they would prefer. They all went with the camera light. In 7 years of shooting weddings, I never had a complaint over my camera light at the reception. Plus, I was as courteous as possible when using it….didn’t have it in someone’s face for long periods of time and didn’t just swing it around carelessly so the light could blind everyone in my path.

    With all that being said, if today’s cameras operate as well in low light as people are saying, I might get rid of the camera light altogether.

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    Great points Hank! Thanks.

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