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      I have the opportunity for major input to the purchase of cameras for live streaming of hockey games. I am looking for recommendations of a good camera.



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      How do you plan to stream it? Using a Tricaster or a laptop software? How many cameras would you like to be using simultaneously?


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      Grinner Hester

      The camera isn’t as important as the lens since you are live. I don’t know your budget or how many cameras you are wanting but you’ll find lots of value in DSLRs fed directly to your switcher.

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      “The camera isn’t as important as the lens since you are live.”

      Are you sure? I certainly could be wrong, but lets say he’s come out of his camera through firewire. The signal will have been exposed to in-camera compression.

      I don’t even know how to do live streaming though so I don’t know if connecting through firewire is even a part of the process….

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      Grinner Hester

      Yes, I’m sure.

      Recorded formats have compression…. not optics. And I’d not go firewire… composite is more than fine.

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      “And I’d not go firewire… composite is more than fine”

      Could you explain what “composite” isplease?


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      Composite is that dude we always see on the forum

      Actually, ya know that wire with the red, white, and yella connections you see on the back of a TV? Composite is the yellow one. It’s both luminance and color information in one analog signal. It’s crappiest of analog signals (i think), but good enough for live web streaming I suppose.

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      Grinner Hester

      did I say composite?? lol man I meant component, I’m sorry.

      long day. Still, depending on your live stream quality, composite would probably go unnoticed by most.

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      Actually, I was wondering if you were making a joke (yes, I know he’s a moderator on the forum), or if I had missed part of the post. Thanks for the explanation of the tri-color cables I had only known as: AV.

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      You’ll probably definitely want something with HD-SDI uncompressed output. If it’s streaming online (which I’ve kinda got a hint of you might be doing), I’d if at all possible use something more like Firewire which is natively built-in to DV/HDV camcorders and most computers now. A DSLR may not be the best in your situation, as there are no digital outputs (such as Firewire, SDI, or BNC). They probably don’t have S-Video either, which means you’ll be stuck with composite output. But like Grinner said, DSLRs do have the tendency of carrying the best initial lens setup. I’d take a good look at the number of cameras/DSLRs available, plot out a budget, and go searching on Google to find a good camcorder. Firewire is probably most ideal if you’re broadcasting to the web. but with amore complex setup you may find it best using BNC, S-Video, or HD-SDI output.

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      WOW, talk about instant results/replies !

      Some background first. I have been using my old Sony DVC 20 (?) as well as a Canon FS11. Put them thru an old WJ-AVE5. Output was to the composite inputs on th graphics card on the encoder. Windows Media Encoder is used to encode video and upload (live) to server in Vancouver for “broadcast” from there.

      I sorta have the mandate to explore (and hopefully purchase 12 cameras for our league). My setup will get only one of these. Our braodcasters around the league run the gamut of great shots of the arena roof while the play is on, no audio, and a series of long shots, with players and play hardly distinguishable.

      My setup may not change this year at all except for the upgrade to one camera. If it is this way can I mix (WJ-AVE5) the Sd from the FS11 and the output of the new camera ( HD(?) such as canon XH A1S or Sony HXR NX5U or Panasonic AG HPX 170P)?

      Tricaster! Would I love o have access to one. Saw one in action at the National Hockey (RBC Jr A) finals a couple of weeks back. I was supposed to have a closer look at a demo yesyerday but it ddn’t happen. Toying with the idea of trying to include 1 Tricaster in my prosal for 12 new camcorders. Offer to share the Tricaster with other teams as their home game nights all differ.

      After all this diatribe, I am asking, suggesting for new camera ( see list above sorta Prosumer level) and can I mix one of these with my old Sony DCR -200 and the little FS11?


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      Looks like we are going with Sony NX5U camera. In the past short while I have had another demand put on the camera. Not only will it being feeding an encoder card (composite) but I now have to supply a AV feed to another emote encoder (actually it will be a haupagge WINTV box which will connect via USB to another laptop.

      All that said, I need to know ( cameras havent arrived yet) can I connect th SD-SDI out on the camera , via coax, to the input on the WINTV encoder .

      This saves me running my composite signal to a video splitter – amplifier.

      Hope this question is kinda clear, I know it is convoluted.


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      Cameras you choose will mostly depend on your budget and the streaming quality you’d want. There are 4 different types of streaming cameras depending on their connection type: USB cameras, analog cameras, HDMI interface cameras, SDI interface cameras. They each their their own pros and cons.

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      er, you did spot the topic is 9 years old?

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