best camera for filming outdoor videos

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      hello all…I’m new to the post ..and I’m trying to get some help ..I don’t know too much of the techinical stuff …but heres the question ..I am getting into the business of filming hunts ..I need a camera that is rugged and durable but also has a great picture and good audio capabilities…I’m not sure on the format dv ..dvcpro or dvcam ..I was all set for mini dv then I learned that some broadcast stations won’t except that format ..(the outdoor channel ) so ok ..back to reading more reviews ..and I get lost in this next step up of info …so any advice anyone could give would be greatly appreciated format, durabilityand low light is a must ..I started filming with the panasonic ag 456up about 9 years ago ..and am still using it so I am behind times …help me out ..thanks !!also what other mic options should I look at …of course wireless what types of on board mounting mics are the best to upgrade to …price af the camera needs to be in the $3500 range ..or less ..or more

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