Best camera for amateur filmmakers?

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      I am looking to buy a camera for a small or mini movie that I want to shoot. I cannot afford something like the Canon XL2… way too expensive for my budget. I was looking for a mid priced camera that will get me outstanding results. I was thinking somewhere between $500 and $800… maybe up to $1000.

      I heard that alot of people like the Canon ZR series and have had good results for fan based movies that you see on iFilm or Atom Films.

      Please… any advice or recommendations would be very helpful and greatly appreciated.

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      um, i would say go to and look around there. I have only worked with a sony 2100 and mine was $2200, so you might not wanna go that high unless you’re real serious about film making. but yeah, look around profeel and see what you can find, and yes they are legit and i would recommend them over b&h as far as buying a camcorder.

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      I will be getting new / different Min DV camcorder and it has gotten be =
      I almost want give up!
      I am looking at getting Sony; They have so many models some with this & some with that BUT Finding combination person wants I am not sure it can be in my case or at least I have not found it yet in my research. It all goes with New Tech stuff OR what Co can get by with.

      For me: 20X Optical Len NO touchpad screen 3MP stills or more Auto & Manuel Focus with Focus ring Audio / Video in & out put Pass through capable 1394 & Usb Connections – NO Dock Station! Record Video clips to Memory card Mpeg2 or Mpeg4 TV Quality.

      If Sony has camcorder as above for under $2,500 I will buy it! And thats lot money just for old guy wanting to do some Home / Family / Friends Video and have some fun Editing.

      I have used Canon GL 1 for last 3-4 years now I like it BUT I have seen much better quality Video taken on Much – MUCH cheaper Sony camcorders so I am wanting try Sony!

      I am looking thing about getting Sony DCR-HC 1000 3CCD OR Sony VX 2100 Seems be close as I am going get to Camcorder BY Sony as above.

      Sony and others that make camcorder are working off same principle as our Government

      Here is what we are making / offer. TAKE THESE OR WAIT!

      Any suggestions would be appreicated

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      compusolver > I could not agree more!
      Still pictures are or should be unimportant to me in DV Camcorder

      I have had many models of Sony at present it’s 828 and very happy with it. BUT again I have seen still pictures from other cameras that’s just as good if not BETTER. Nikon & couple others seem have Brighter LCD or something because they seem make pictures look brighter & sharper.

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      NO9254ME Wrote:

      3MP stills or more

      As far as I know, there are currently no camcorders with still resolution of more than 3 MP, but be aware that lots of pixels on a CCD make it more sensible and therefore, sometimes, they develop worse quality that standard 800 Kpixel CCD’s (!that’s right!); ever wonder why high-end prosumer camcorders (such as the Sony DCR-VX2100, now that you’ve mentioned it), with 3 CCD’s, don’t have at least 1 MP on each sensor? Why just ~350 Kp ?

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