Best camera choices for my buck??

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      Hi everyone, and my apologies if this thread is in the wrong section,

      I’ve just got some tax money back and have sold my old GL2 and a bunch
      of accessories.. I now have about $2500 to spend, and I want to get the
      best HD camera(s) I can for the loot. I plan to not only shoot short
      films and music videos, but also wedding videography and commercials.

      I was almost entirely sold on a 5D mark II or possibly a 7D, but I came
      to the realization that those cameras, awesome as they are, aren’t real
      great for weddings (the 12 minute video clips, possible overheating,
      zoom/focus would be trickier, would have to buy a separate audio

      So I’m left with the option of camcorders. My idea was that for the
      money I have, I should be able to get a Panasonic HMC40 and potentially
      also a Panasonic HDC-HS300 as a second camera. I’ve been pouring over
      the specs and reviews for both cameras and feel I have a pretty decent
      understanding of their shortcomings (poor low light, etc) but that is
      where I’m at.

      Would love to get a HMC150 for the controls as well as CCD over CMOS,
      but finding one for $2500 hasn’t happened.

      So I’m asking everyone out there.. Does my plan to get these two cameras
      sound good for the money, especially in the light that I aim to start
      doing weddings seriously? I’d still need a wireless lav, but that
      wouldn’t be too big a problem.

      If any of you have a better idea or camera choice for the money, I’d
      love to hear it.

      Thanks in advance,

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      Purchasing and outfitting an HMC40 is going to take your money, but should give you a good start in HD production so long as you’re familiar with the negatives or potential negatives of 1/4″ sensors CMOS and the related imaging problems presented.

      By the tie you’d look into the 5D or even 7D, and/or even if you hope to HDC-HS300 in addition to the HMC40 your stated available funds will not cover it iMHO.

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      Thanks for the reply!

      I can get a used HMC40 with less than 10 hrs for $1600 (craigslist) and then would have to buy the XLR adapter for like $250. Might have to raise a couple more bucks but the HDC-HS300 goes on ebay for $700-800 all the time.

      I guess this is my best option for weddings.

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      Check out this link at BH Photo

      Hmc40 used for 1399.99 – with warranty.

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      Haha!! I know, I was the one who bought it! Thanks.

      I’ve got that and just ordered a big battery, XLR adapter and 32 GB SDHC card (class 6).. Going for the HDC-HS300 next..

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