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      What camcorders do you recommend for shooting high school sporting events? Right now I own a Panasonic that I purchased last year for around 300$ but Im looking to upgrade.My editing software is pinnacle studio ultimate. Would the canon HV-30 do the job for a quality picture or should I step up and pay more to be satisfied?

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      Check out the Panasonic AG-DVC20

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      I am also videotaping high school sports and was wondering if the JVC ProHD GY-HD250U is a good choice? or is it overkill

      I need good quality but not NFL/ESPN

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      no, that camera is not over kill (at least if you’re not a beginner it isnt). ideally you want 60p when shooting sports because of the fast motion, and if I remember correctly the HD250U does shoot that. I am looking into that camera as well.

      I would get the hard drive to record the video too. I forget who said it on this site, but HDV compromises audio quality to fit all the info on to the tape, but you should be good to go if you record to a hard drive.

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      I just won this camera on eBay, have read many good (and some bad) things about it…I’ve filmed games for many local high school and pro sports teams (my avatar is a photo taken at our local hockey arena, I’m practicing using the camera provided, a Panasonic AG-DVC7), the AG-DVC20 looks like a good choice.

      One seller posted a video on YouTube showing how his works, others show footage filmed with it, search “Panasonic AG-DVC20” and watch these, let them know what you think. I’ll be posting some once I get mine, will post the link(s) a.s.a.p.

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