Best camcorder for DVD as final product

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      This was also posted in the DVD forum.

      I just picked up a couple of assignments that the final product will be DVDs. They are for an educational textbook publisher.


      Which camera will give me the best final video to go to DVD for resolution and color?

      Sony VX2100
      Sony HC-1 down convert the HD to SD
      Panasonic GS 500

      Thanks in advance.

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      The VX 2100 no question.

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      So even with HD converted down to SD the VX2100 comes out ahead.

      Much better lower level light camera as well.

      Thanks for the reply!

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      The thing is you are comparing a consumer cam with one chip to a prosumer cam with 3 chips. The number of pixels the cam can record does not matter when the lens, chips and the rest of the camera are not of the same quality. Had you said the FX-1 or the Z-1U compaired to the VX2100 I would have said the FX-1. Because if used properly the FX-1 will yield a higher resolution better quality picture (it must be used properly though if not it will have a very bad to acceptable picture)

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      So it’s just like in digital photography with a larger sensor with less MP and resolution beating a smaller sensor with higher res. in final output.

      Thanks for the clarification.

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