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      I’m upgrading from a very old SD studio to a HD one. I’m going to be shooting 1080i and p, editing on PC with Prem Pro and nvidia FX3800. But surely if I do not have any editing hardware attached I will not be able to get an HD feed to an external monitor / television? I don’t need many bells and whistles – just something that will provide a feed to a studio production monitor. Can anyone suggest an appropriate product?


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      AJA Xena cards are probably the best. You’ll have to see which model suites your needs without being overkill.

      The Matrox MXO2 and MXO2 mini are affordable solutions as well.

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      To add to Rob’s list, I would also include the Black Magic Design series of capture cards. They are primed for Premiere and may be a skosh cheaper than the Xena or the Matrox line. All the brands mentioned have their strengths and weaknesses so check them out thoroughly before you buy.

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