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      XiAn 7 Avant-Garde Ltd was established in Nov,2004,with the Registration of 3,000,000RMB from Shaanxi 7-fang investment Group CO,Ltd.The company is situated in Xian,China.The world famous Terra-cotta warior is located here.Being an ancient capital with long history and deep culture,compatible with modern tide,Xian There are many high education institutes,universities ,possessing favorable educational atimosphere and tremendous professional talents.Our company possesses an excellent production Team and High level production equipment.
      Coming to Xian ,you will see world famous Terra-Cotta-Warrior,
      Coming to Xian ,you can make coolest 2D animation,3D animation ,Trailers,and Tv Commerical with a very little cost.
      1. Concept design for film,video,game, TV commercial
      (1) Environment and set design
      (2) Character and creature design
      (3) Story boarding
      2. 3D model design
      (1) Hi-mod for games,trailers,film and video
      (2) Lo-mod for games or online games
      3. UV unwrap texture
      4. 3D character rigging
      5. 3D facial experession design
      6. Games opening ,frailer and cinematic
      7. VFX for film and video
      8. Cartoon design,2D animation
      9. 3D motion design
      (1) mocap motion builder cleanup
      (2) hand-key animation
      10. Web and interactive art design
      11. Agent and sale:multimedia ,games,movie ramification

      Professional English,Japanese Language Service ,Free communicate your idea!;

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      Address:dachaishi dongdajie baisheng shopmall 810-812

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