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      I recently have been looking for a editing software, and I can’t decide on which one is overall the best. One that has a good mix of easy use, quality of effects, and capabilities. There’s Pinnacle Ultimate, Adobe Premiere Elements 8, Vegas, and etc.

      What’s the suggestion?

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      Vegas is good and has an easy learning curve

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      Something to look at as well. People like to stay with the NLE “brand” thatthey learned until they are ready to make that next big step to a prosumer/professional level NLE. Some will switch to the next level versions within the “family”they are working with because if has the same/similar commands and feel. Other will switch completely over to another “brand”.

      Many of the $100 software packages do offer a free trial download that are fully functional for 15 or 30 days. You could look at the trial versions to see if they will work for your particular situation(s), ease of use, learning curve, etc.

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      MAGIX Movie Edit Pro – you can choose what version you want, 14+, 15+ or 16+. Visit

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      Check topten reviews for a comparison. I bought PowerDirector 8 Ultra and I have been very satisfied. It works well with AVCHD

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      I started with the Movie Studio version of Vegas and moved up to the Pro version within a year. If you are keeping things simple you might be able to stay with the lesser version but I found myself wanting to use more advanced features and needed to upgrade.

      All that said, I’m very glad I did upgrade and am very happy with the product.

      As Crafter’s said, there are fully functional, 30 day free trials of all of Sony’s software here:

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