Bells of Another Land – My new movie

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      My new movie:

      All regards


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      Is it me? I don’t get it.

      What was the point you are trying to make with this?

      I must admit initially I gave up after about three minutes and had to force myself to go back and watch the whole thing.

      To me it was a bunch of unrelated and surreal clips put together with choppy editing with some gratuitous effects thrown in where they made no sense.

      As I said, it could be me but if there was a story there, I couldn’t find it.


      On a positive note, I did find some of the videography very well done (angles, lighting, framing, composition, technical stuff, etc,,,).

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      I, too, found the video without a story line or point of view. After I gave up on looking for that, Iwatched again for the visual images and found that Ienjoyedjust watching. Lots of good footage but some effects were distracting. Looking forward to some more of your work.

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