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      Just wanted some tips for my video I just made. It not the best of quality

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      thanks for sharing…

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      um… Ill say it. This video has no business being posted on this site. The one thing you got correct is saying it is a Youtube video.

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      iNicks –

      Dagunner was blunt but correct.

      I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume it was “bathroom” humor.

      The audio was ok – even sound effects (which many folks neglect).

      Lighting was a bit flat – try adding a softbox and stop down or use a ND filter. It could also use some work in post.

      I am not a fan of the run-n-gun shakiness (I am shaky enough to begin with). You are in a controlled environment so maybe try a tripod.

      And I realize you’re going for PG-13 but it looks like the girl is pooping on her skirt – re-work the clothing position and work with angles to keep it PG-13.

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      Come on – and we have a thread wondering why there are not as many posters and another thread that wants to know how to cancel a membership. Well the video in this thread might be a good reason. It just really cheapens the forum and is most unfortunate that it seems to be allowed to continue.

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      I tried to resist but I have to chime in. Based upon her age, and concept of the video I believe she is simply going for “SHOCK” value. A very few videos go viral on YouTube, but when they do it is more than 15 seconds of fame, it can mean millions.YouTube is like a worldwide lottery, if you roll the dice right you are a hit no matter how shocking the content.

      I for one do not believe that the subject matter fits this forum, I believe that since it appears the video is for shock value, posting it in this forum does several things for the poster, YouTube adds a link next to the video that says “AS FEATURED AT VIDEOMAKER.COM” which brings more Google hits off off Videomaker search value to Goolge (I have to create SEO everyday) and by us talking about it it gives the poster the “even if it is bad talk it is still talk and it builds up the hits” factor. I think the concept is below dignified, and without honor. It belongs on YouTube.

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      I actually disagree. I don’t have a problem with the video being here. It’s essentially a How-To video with comic relief. Had she chosen a more mature topic, no one would have a problem providing feedback, although, not wanting to provide any feedback is understandable as well.

      I think the video shows she may have a knack for comedy (ie. the cutaway scene [or whatever you’d call it] when she says “Now you have to take off your clothes”). It was good timing, good choice of music, and the exaggerated acting wasn’t too bad.

      If you apply this same style, iNicks, to a more mature topic, I’m sure you’ll get lots of good feedback

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      Hi! I disagree also with this video because its too shaky.

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      I understand the concept of the video, it is/was comedy. If you get the clarity/quality issues with the video straighten up, you’ll be okay on YouTube. Now, if you were to put this in documentary form, and throw in a couple of wedding clips, you would get better feedback…………ZING!

Viewing 8 reply threads
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