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      I need help, about the whole wedding package, please help.
      I’m very interested in getting into a wedding videography. I don’t have a lot of experiences so I decided to work for established business in my area to learn first and then to start my own business. I have some video and editing experience. I own Canon GL2, and I’m working with Vegas 5 editing system.
      After reading a lot in here I decided to sell my Canon GL2 and get Sony PD170. Can anyone please give me an advice on what kind of equipment I should consider for the video light (brand, power…) and wireless mic system (brand, how many mics do I need, where to buy it)?
      Also can someone please explain to me how would the digital voice recorder work. Is it separate from my wireless mic system and I would use the recorded sound when I edit?
      Many Thanks, I appreciate every advice,

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      Thank you for your help,
      I don’t mind to spend whatever I need to spend for the proper equipment, but I’m just starting and learning so I think I’ll get one , or two wireless mics to start with. I do like to be as good as possible, so I will look into the digital recorders, so my wedding DVD’s will have great audio. What kind of digital recorders would you recommend?
      What would be the general advice of yours about on video light (brand, power…)?
      Thank you again very much for your help. I appreciate this forum a lot, because all of us can learn from each other.
      Later on I might be interested in the wedding course you have mentioned. Is there some more info about this course?

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      Ok I offer this advice. Get a camera that films well in most lighting levels. The GL2 in my opinion would have been a good choice but the other camera I’m sure will work as good if not better. The reason bing you will not be able to light most weddings the way you would a regular shoot. Seems the bright lights tend to tick off the bride on her special day. That and it is just plain hard to light larger rooms with out massive lights to start with.

      That aside I highly recommend a lapel mic for at least the minister. If one is all you can afford to start off with like I did then mic the minister and let the bride and groom know. Make sure your mic is a good one and can pick up the bride and groom even from several feet away. Ideally three mics or a really good shotgun mic will work also though depending on your sound set up it might not be possible to aim the mic with out crossing several guest too. That would mean picking up their sound too.

      I started out with a camera, one lapel mic and some hand held mics I already had. I would do the main wedding, a highlight tape with the wedding music played in the background with video and some stills and then a complete wedding video photo tape provided they supplied me with the pix. I did not do photography so that last tape was up to them. It was my "free gift" though so most gave me copies which I returned with the tapes. All this was before the day of home user computer editing and the cameras were no where near as advanced. I just played with the shutter speed until I got a good shot and left it there.

      Anyway I hope I helped some. Granted this might not have been the answer you were looking for but any info is useful info to someone.

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      Thanks PoppaBear and Thanks Hank,
      at this stage I appreciate every advice, cause I’m new to the weddings. I bought pd170, with wireless mic system and on video light Anton Bauer ANUL228 UL2-28 Ultralight-2 On-Camera Light, 28" PowerTap Cable.
      I got everything from B&H and it should arive next week. I think there is only 1 mic, altaugh I’m not sure. There were 2 small boxes on the picture, but only one box had a mic attached.
      Well I will work for established videographer first, so I’ll get my money back, learn a bunch and then decide to buy more mics, or whatever I will need.
      What do you guys think about the equipment I’ve got?

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      Thanks Hank,
      I’m looking forward to start and I let you know about my first wedding. Thanks for all the advices

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