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      That will allow it to be posted on YouTube, Facebook, etc., AND able to be burned to a regular DVD for viewing with a regular DVD player. What we have is a Sony DVR-108, which records to mini-DVD. We’re (blatantly) new at this, and are looking for some guidance. I have Roxio Creator software, and I tried to make a “compilation” the other night, and when it was burned to the DVD, the video played in the (built-in) DVD player of the TV, but no audio. There IS audio when it’s played on a computer. (Using PowerDVD software, or when I click on the .VOB files on the disc itself.)

      I think I’m missing something very simple here, but then again, maybe not.

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      This may be a dumb response but did you burn your material to a dvd+R or dvd-R? The +R is great for use in the computer but does not always play well in alldvd players, whereas the -R dvd is a little more friendly to most stand alone and tv dvd players.

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      Not dumb at all. I did use a DVD+R, and that’s only because that’s what I had…(For backing up files.)

      I’ll pick up some DVD-R discs tomorrow and try that.


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      The burn speed of your DVD burner is a factor. Burn using the lowest speed possible is my advice. 4x ususally works for me.

      Does that help?

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