before I pull the rest of my hair out

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      before I pull the rest of my hair out
      Looks like I found the right site. Have A LOT of studying to do here, I feel overwhelmed.
      Where should I start? Thanks in advance if you take the time to read this.

      Ok, specifics:
      I just shot some legal meetings I need to send to a lawyer soon.
      I had no choice but to shoot them in 1080i* MTS format and WAV files* from a separate recorder. All I need to do is make some basic splicing, replace the soundtrack, and convert to a more practical format. (DVD-Video, 360p XVID AVI, whatever.) Vegas Pro 8 was taking 10 hours to render 1 hour on my 1.9ghz Turion. Seems like it’s either this or connect my blue-ray player to my MPEG2 capture device to make the conversion, but seems I would still have to recompress the video just to add the soundtrack. What would you tell a novice to do in this situation? What format would you convert to for this project. Loyer says it doesn’t matter. Screw it, maybe I’ll just give him the original mts and wav files or just record the damn videos with original soundtrack to VHS.
      And I have to do this again next week!

      I have many questions about camcorders and video production and should have been studying up on this and other sites that I’m unaware of. Just needed to throw this out there for now. Any other sites out there I can post questions like this.

      *Why the hell do they make HD interlaced only cameras if CRTs are rarely seen these days?

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      LuTELLO, welcome to the exciting and incredibly stressful job of producing videos. The first thing you should be aware of is that there is ALWAYS a solution for everything you can possibly encounter in a video production and a community of pros willing to help you out in forums such as Videomaker and Creative COW.

      What format would you convert to for this project?

      I was not quite clear here, can you edit your MTS videos natively in Vegas? If not check this forum post. Or are you asking what should be your final video output format? If that the case you can export it to WMV or if its for DVD use MPEG2.

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      What is your camera model?  Sony makes a bluetooth lapel mic and active-shoe receiver that does a nice job as long as you can hide the annoying blue ligh on the lapel mic (under $100 if you shop around).

      Did you try a different editor?  Sometimes the lower end products can produce the output faster.  I use AVS4You’ video editor for church services, they average 45 to 75 minutes, and the .mov file is rendered in about 30 to 40 minutes.

      Creating the DVD structure and burning takes considerably longer, almost 1.5 to 2 hours.  The process can be hastened considerably if you have an editor that takes advantage of your GPU, e.g. CUDA by nVidia.


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      Thankfully Vegas 8 can do MTS natively. I was asking about the final output. I don’t like encoding and authoring dvds and I’m allergic to wmv. I’ve been using xvid avi with virtualdub for a while now. What’s the best way to do a multipass encoding automatically from Vegas?

      Buying that stupid JVC Everio GZ-HM300BU 035A was my first mistake. Interlaced and no option for lower resolution. It would be great to have an HD camera with a mic jack that I could use to make the next Baraka as well as boring SD work like this. I would have used my Olympus E-PL1 in SD mode, but the file size limit makes it stop at about 15mins and they’re too stupid to program it to automatically start a new file. (Or am I missing something?)

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      First off, in the project settings in Vegas did you select ‘Deinterlacing’ and progressive scan? MTS files are big and a PIA in Vegas 8 or older versions of Premiere though they can work with them natively. Next, once you’ve done your edit, export to AVI Uncompressed in standard def 16:9. Make sure you do all your color-correcting before you export. The uncompressed avi will be your digital master. Since you’ve got Vegas 8, take your digital master into DVD Architect and do the conversion to MPEG2 and you’ll get a clean DVD ready version with less compression.

      The reason you do an uncompressed digital master first is so you don’t have to keep exporting from your raw timeline for every other format you may need. Thus saving the agony of having to wait for all that rendering time.

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