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      Hello all;

      It has been some time since I have posted. Just shot another wedding, and learned that the I had some issues with camera 1 Sony. Had two other sources so all is fine. I had to replace the Sony and I recall that I had asked as many have asked about a good low cost camera.

      As it turned out I did indeed find a sale. $300 off a Canon. It was priced at $799.00 I got it for $499. It is this beauty here

      The specs are perfect for a low budget film maker. Has mic input (although mini) has hot shoe, has a manual stick focus, and shoots in 24fps. Has tons of pro features for the poor camera man. Mine will be here soon and I have read most of the manual already and am ready to shoot. Also comes with a full remote control. Built in light, Has the Canon EoS. A really really good deal. I just wanted to share because it ends Saturday.

      Here is the frosting

      <p id=”sellingPoints” class=”productInfoArea”>
      <h4>Product Highlights</h4>
      <ul class=”disc”>

    • 1920 X 1080 HD
    • 64GB Dual Flash Memory
    • SDHC Memory Card Slot
    • 3.89MP Full HD CMOS Sensor
    • Canon 15x HD Video Lens
    • 2.7″ Multi-Angle Widescreen LCD
    • Dynamic SuperRange O.I.S.
    • HDMI Mini
    • Microphone & Headphone Inputs
    • 24p Cinema Mode
    • I will post my first video from it on my YouTube site so you can see the quality


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