Beachtek DXA-6A switches very badly positioned

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      A heads-up for anyone considering a Beachtek DXA-6A.

      If you need to sometimes switch your audio from mic to line (or vice-versa) during a shoot, and if you use a tripod, then be aware that the mic/line switches on the Beachtek DXA-6A are little teeny, tiny switches ON THE BOTTOM OF THE UNIT. This means that if you want to change a switch setting, you have to dismount your camera from the tripod, unscrew the tripod adapter from the Beachtek, change the switch setting, screw the tripod adapter back onto the Beachtek, and reattach the camera to the tripod. Obviously impossible to do fast.

      On the older Beachtek DXA-6 (without the “A” on the end), these switches were easily accessible on the unit’s main control panel. Beachtek made a very bad engineering decision, in moving the switches to a place where they’re impossible to get at without disassembling your shooting setup.

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      that does sound stupid. It always amazes me how some products are created, but never seem to be tested in the real world before actually being released. You’d think someone would have noticed this problem…..

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