Bayonet mount in VX2100

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      Does Sony VX2100 comes with bayonet mount (that is used to attach lense shade)? I want to buy wide angle lense and can understand: should I buy 58mm lense for screw-in only or I can also use lense for bayonet mount?

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      Actually Compusolver, you are incorrect. The VX2100 does accept bayonet wide angle adapters.
      THe lense its self isnot interchangable, but you can however put a lense adapter, such as a century optics wide angle using bayonet. In my opinion and many many others opinions, the bayonet is a definit way to go, avoiding striping out threads and it is very easy to put on and take off.
      First dont listen to someone when they first say dont go to a message board for a question about your camera, when the forum specifiys SOny Camera’s

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      You can turn any 58mm filter/lens into a bayo mount with my adapter as seen here

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