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      Im going to Bali to make a doco for an aid organisation in Australia. I have my own equipment but for lighting. As there wont be many power points around, i was thinking of battery powered lighting gear, but i dont know where to start looking – does anyone have any ideas of the best way to go about this?


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      I would use Mini Mag flashlights. Seriously!

      I’m a former Boy Scout and I think mini Mags are great!! They are small, light, battery powered, and the top can do amazing stuff: you can screw/unscrew while pointing it at a background for strange background effects(background light), or it unscrews all the way off for a candle like effect(fill light) and obviously makes a great point light. I think you can even get special holders where you can hook it to stuff.

      Good luck! sounds like fun.

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      Hadnt thought of that, but a good idea! I’ll have to try and track one down and test it out

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      this should do.

      even if you don’t need 38 million candlepower, the basic 12 volt, rechargable halogen flashlight it was made from is a geat video light.

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