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      Making this short, I have a JVC video camera and Nero 9 software. When the fire wire is plugged into my computer, Windows XP pops up a dialog and one of the options is Nero. I use that to extract the various video segments, but there is no option to save stuff to hard drive. I found the files burried in the my documents directory, but Nero will not find them again. There are no video options when I start the Nero Smart Start control center. It just sucks up all the CPU time for as long as I let it sit there. The list of manuals has no entry regardingvideo editing.

      I don’t really want to do anying in depth. Just review the segments I have extracted, rename them to something I can recognize, then patch a few together.

      So how do I get to these video segments? Failing that, what softwarecan I use to accomplish my goals?

      Thanks for your time.

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      hmm.. wel you can use windown movie maker insted of nero, its easy….. i captured this video from windows movie maker .<span style=”font-family: Arial; white-space: pre;”> </span>

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      Have you tried Smartstart, select “Create and Edit tab“, select “Author, Edit, and Capture Video“, then select “Make Movie“? you should then be able to pull the video files into your “My media files” window and then edit them fron there.

      I beleive the Nero Capture is just a method of pulling the video from your camera and storing it on the hdd. There is a default file path the drops the video where you were discribing. Through the Configure Settings in the Capture option, you can change where the files will be saved to.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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