Basic lenses for Canon T2i/T3i

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      Hi… I wanted to get some feedback on two lenses I could get that would satisfy my basic needs for student films. I know the kit lens is a 18-55mm. What other affordable lenses couldI get that would give me some decent focal length, depth of field.


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      In general, the larger the zoom, the better, and the larger the aperture, the better when looking for this effect. There are some nice 3rd party lenses out there that won’t quite cost you an arm and a leg. Maybe just an arm. I have seen some x-200mm lenses with a fixed f2.8 for under $1000 that would be a great general purpose lens for this. Prime lenses (non zoom) are also great. You don’t have zoom for these lenses, but you will generally get a larger aperture requiring less light for the scene. I am NOT a DSLR expert by any means, and you will probably get more in depth information here, but that is the basics as I understand them. I will be watching this thread though to learn more myself!

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      Your depth of field depends on the how much you open the aperture and the size of the image plain. So it’s more about how you use the lens rather than which lens to buy.

      The L-Series lenses are Canon’s best. If you don’t want to throw down that much money, this is a great starter lens

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      Darth – I would get 2 lenses in addition to the kit lens. Total price: less than $300.

      First, I recommend the $159 Sigma 50-200mm f4-5.6 zoom with optical stabilization and a quiet “hypersonic” autofocus motor (important for keeping autofocus motor noise off your soundtrack). I have this lens and I love it. Great lens for not a lot of money.

      I also recommend a fast prime for low light situations. The $120 Canon 50mm f1.8 would be a good starter.

      Good luck,


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      Thanks all…very helpful!

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