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      I love sound work almost as much as video. For some dumb reason Sound Design and Field Audio are always considered ‘secondary’ aspects of film and videomaking. Unless you plan on making a silent movie (good luck with that), you’re going to have to pay attention to sound. Even at the highest ends of production you can still get bit in the backside by poor sound capture. Here is a video by Ben Slotover with some ‘Tips for Good Sound’. Be advised, there is some salty language in spots so watch at your discretion.

      Tips for good sound from Ben Slotover on Vimeo.

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      When the cellphones are silent, what exactly make that weird sound? One time I was recording something using my Audio interface (Audiobox USB) with handheld mics. I had that exact same problem so I told everyone to turn off their cellphones, but I could still hear that weird sound. There was an Ipod touch so I thought that was the problem, but it wasn’t. Then when I turned off the bluetooth from my computer the weird sound stops. I had no idea why or if the bluetooth was actually the cause, but it stop. That was the last time that happen to me and it also was the first time that happen. Is very troublesome when you hear for the first time the weird sound and not having a clue where on earth is coming from.

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      “When the cellphones are silent, what exactly make that weird sound?


      That ‘weird sound’ is your audio gear picking up the wireless ‘ping’ as the system locates your phone or bluetooth device prior to making it ring. Shielded audio gear will cut down on that. Best thing to do is just turn off your cellphone and bluetooth devices while filming.

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