Barn doors for a work light

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      Hi guys I just got started on the forums here on videomaker but I have been a fan of the magazine for years. I just completed a draft copy of one of two versions of barn doors that will work on a work light. I still need to calibrate the position on each doors in this version a little more and I also need to paint the doors with thermal black paint. I did a few test with this design last night and it works pretty well for what it costs to make. I have few quick pictures below:



      I am doing a tutorial video on this within the next few weeks. Let me know if you see any room for improvement. I’m starting on version two next week!

      Cool and groovy,

      Mark Apsolon

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      I watched the tutorial on Youtube. Top notch! I’m gonna give this a shot.

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      We’re doing some serious digging around here, huh?

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