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      Hi everyone,

      I’m new for the forum, and new to video in general. I am, for the most part, a musician and an amateur photographer. In about a week, I’m supposed to be recording an interview and acoustic session with a local band. This will be my first “real” video session, and I’m not expecting perfection, but I’d really like it to turn out quite good, as its going to be used to promote their new album.

      My equipment is:

      Canon Eos Rebel T3 DSLR

      (borrowed) Canon Rebel XTi DSLR (can’t shoot video, I’ll be using it for stills during the shoot)

      Zoom H1 Handy Recorder

      (borrowed) Zoom H4n Handy Recorder

      iMac w/ iMovie

      Audio interface and mics that I normally use for my music recording.

      My thought was to have the T3 on a tripod facing the band and me (the interviewer), and the H1 on a boom stand above it, at least for the interview part. For the performance, I was thinking probably the same thing, except I won’t be in the video then, because I’ll be photographing. I should probably have the T3 on autofocus (I would think?) since I won’t be behind it shooting the whole time. I may use the H4n for audio, since I could then at least have vocal mics out or something, but it may not be necessary, and I think it probably would be simpler to just use the H1 for everything, unless there’s a deep need for the H4n.

      Obviously my equipment isn’t top of the line in any sense of the term, but I was wondering what advice you would have to make this session run as smoothly and professionally as possible. I’m going for an NPR Tiny Desk series kind of feel, if that helps at all.



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