B&H Photo and VASST present: Music in the Edit Suite!

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      Event: B&H Photo and VASST present: Music in the Edit Suite!
      Dates: August 22
      Location: The B&H Photo-Video Confernce/Training Room. Use our 35 W 33rd St “Executive Office” entry and proceed to the 2nd floor.
      Featuring Jeffrey P. Fisher

      Attention audio, video, and post-production professionals:

      Custom music, royalty-free songs, loop-based music creation, and more! Find out the details about all these musical alternatives and how to best apply them for maximum impact.

      Are you using music effectively?

      Music plays a crucial role in every soundtrack. And handling music effectively makes productions stronger, enhances imagery, and delivers our message so that your audiences retain information. While great music won’t save a bad production, music can do what no other soundtrack element can do:

      * evoke moods or feelings
      * create convincing atmospheres of time and place
      * inspire and motivate
      * underline elements of character and situation
      * enhance drama
      * complement and support your message

      If you are sick and tired of plopping down the same old music on your timeline, attend this all-day training event and learn to expand your music (and sound) palette. Discover all the alternatives, tricks, tips, and secrets to building the best soundtrack for all your audio and video productions.

      Topics include:

      Music Psychology 101

      * Understanding the emotion and dynamics of music and how it relates to picture
      * Music as color
      * Soundtrack success checklists

      Music basics

      * Underscore, song, and the advertising jingle
      * Tempo, rhythm, instrumentation, and arrangement
      * Composer’s Tools

      Music scoring process

      * Scoring aesthetics
      * Spotting session
      * Recording, editing, and tweaking tracks

      Copyright and licensing issues

      * Public domain and clearing copyrighted songs
      * Mechanical, synchronization, performance, and master use licenses

      Traditional music choices

      * Productive music searches
      * Getting more from library music
      * New twists on royalty-free library music themes
      * Sound design strategies

      Working with a composer

      * Package deals

      D I Y

      * Loop-based composition
      * Recording audio and MIDI
      * Developing and using the musical “Master Cue”

      Music mixing techniques

      * Surround sound issues

      And More…

      Join music and audio professional, Jeffrey P. Fisher, for this information-packed and eye- and ear-opening event. Fisher has written musical scores for dozens of corporate, educational, commercial, and independent film projects. His music also appears on the Fresh Music library, Dark New Age. Jeffrey’s latest book, CASH TRACKS: Compose, Produce, and Sell Your Original Soundtrack Music and Jingles for Movies, Games, Radio/TV, and the Web will be released in September 2005. He also teaches audio and video production at the College of DuPage Motion Picture / Television department in Glen Ellyn, IL.

      Visit http://www.vasst.com/registration to register

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