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      On your camcorder reviews the prices being advertised from stores such as “Zoomania” are almost all Bait-and-Switch fraud sites. These sites should not be advertised on your site unless you want your readers to see the too- good-to-be-true prices and get scammed. The 5 star ratings are fake.

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      I do not think that it is VideoMaker that is making the direct advertisement for the questionable site(s). They are utilizing a link to for the products they review andPricegrabber is the onedisplaying the info on the questionable sites in that window. To the unwary, this could appear is if VideoMaker is sanctioning these sites when in actuality it is utilizing a popularweb service to provide that data.

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      I suggest you stop using price grabber. I still see many different sites under the bait and switch list. Is there any other way you can advertise prices from trusted LEGIT stores?

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      it’s buyer beware, and this is a great site to edutate yaself….

      I tried those “Google Adsense” ads on my site… and took them all down the first week… Google scans the content of your site and puts up a bunch of similar product ads. So what I found popping up on my site? The bait and switch camera ads, photography and video ads mostly online courses, and the only ad that came from a business I’d actually trust? One of my competitors! In my area.

      Now I got no issues with sending the guy referrals if a client tries to hire me and I’m booked, or if the clients needs would really be more suited to his particular style, or even if the client seems like one of those whack-jobs I don’t want… but no way in H-E-double-hockey-sticks do I want my prospective clients finding his ad on my site BEFORE they scope out my products and services.

      So what you gonna do? other than post a warning that Videomaker can’t guarantee the authenticity of all the advertisers and if in doubt, ask the forum members!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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