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      I’m using two WCS-999 transmitter/receiver pairs to record the audio for our community theater group. I’ve used this system for the past 2 years with no problems, but this year I can’t seem to get usable audio and we’ve only got one more weekend left in the show and I was hoping to get some help/suggestions…

      We have a transmitter on either side of the stage and we have 3 cameras set up (one on either side of the audience and one in the back). Each one seems to work separately just fine. This year we’ve had several shows with the one camera in the back playing/recording great audio over the TVs. When we plug in the 2nd receiver then BOTH receivers start producing “distorted” sound (like the input volume is too loud).

      I have tested both receivers “on” separately by plugging one of the provided lavalier mics into the transmitter, putting the mic in front of a radio and then monitoring each receiver from another room with an earphone separately and both are “quiet” with clear reception.

      Two years ago I used my own Shure Brothers microphone with the tape recorder as a pre-amp going to the wireless transmitter and that seemed to give good quality to both wireless receivers, but then I had to “Y” the line to hook in the 3rd camera cable and we ended up with “hummmmm” on all 3 cameras — yeesh!

      Thursday night I plan to take the 2nd receiver backstage and even the 3rd camera “cable” and by plugging earphones into each of those, hopefully I can “diagnose” some more.

      For what it’s worth, I checked with Sony technical support before I purchased the 2nd unit and they told me it would not work to have two receivers receiving from one transmitter. After some testing, I decided they were wrong because I can get it to work.

      Any chance they could be getting interference with everyone’s cell phones when the audience is full??

      Any advice, things to try or any hints would be MUCH appreciated!!

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