Bad audio in prosumer camcorder with audio mixer

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      I own a sony HDR-FX7 ,prosumer camcorder.What can I do to get best audio on tape,when using an audio mixer?.I have tried to use low audio setting from the mixer,which works.How can I get best audio with this type of camcorders?.

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      VideoKing You stated the you used a low audio setting from the mixer and it worked. I’m a little confused by your question. I have an FX7 also.

      There are lots of ways to get good audio but they vary based on what you are trying to record. For a wedding you may need more than one source of audio. Such as having a wireless mic on the groom and a second recording on an external recorder that you would mix in post.

      Doing sit on the couch interviews I have used Shotgun mics on an overhead stand wired directly into the camera and no mixer with good success.

      Tell us a little more about what you have used and what you are trying to do.


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