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      I’m working on a 2 camera concert shoot. My client asked if i could have a live hookup backstage for the performers to watch. I have no clue how to go about this and would appreciate your input

      Thank you

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      I’m surprised no one has responded to your query.

      First off, are you mixing the video on site? Do you have a switcher? If you do, then it is easy enough to run a coaxial cable from the tv out of your recording VCR to a tv placed backstage. I you’re going to post it together, then you might be able to run a line out from the camera that does the majority of the wide shots to a TV backstage. You can run a video line, but I prefer to use coaxil cable, even if you use adapters to plug into the video in’s and out’s.

      I suspect your shoot has come & gone, hope it went well.

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      Thanx for the advice,
      My shoot is not for a while.
      I plan on mixing in post., and just use one camera to hook up to the screens backstage.
      no need for any editing as the projection is only for the performers backstage to view the show.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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