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      Ok. So i log all of my footage into final cut and finish my video and yada yada yada. My question is, is there anyway to back up the raw footage on a cd or dvd so that it will remain in file format. So i can go back and pull it back into final cut for editing again, say on another video or something. I have a 500 gig external, along with my macbook pro, that i put all of my footage on but its never a bad idea in my opinion to have hard copies of files. If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.



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      Yes, that’s always a good idea. I do it all the time also. Burn the Project file and files inside the Capture Scratch folder to a DVD. You may need several DVDs depending on how much footage you have. Individual clips need to be less than 4.6 GB, otherwise they don’t fit onto a single DVD. You may back up the render files as well but that’s not absolutely necessary as you can always render again. Then, later on, just copy the files from the DVD(s) back to the Capture Scratch folder and open the project file.


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      thanks dude.


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