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      I am somewhat of a novice to video editing but want to know how to add backgrounds to my video. I am currently using Sony Vegas DVD Platinum and not real happy with it but will be upgrading to Avid Liquid 7.0. I have looked at the effects in some wedding videos and liked what I saw but not sure how to go about doing them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      Personally, I love Vegas. I’ve been using for years, since well before Sony bought out the previous makers (Sonic Foundry).

      But explain a bit more what you want to dp. When you’re saying add a background, do you mean Chroma-keying your video? As in where your talent is in front of a green screen (or orange or blue), and you use the editor to insert a background scene or clip? If so, Vegas 6 actually does a good job of this, and I like their plugin for chroma-keying.

      If this is what you’re talking about, keep in mind that you will have crappy results no matter what software you’re using if your choma screen isn’t perfect in color and lighting. First, get a good screen. It’s only a couple hundred bucks for a 10’x12′ roll of the stuff, which is a fairly small, but adequate screen. Make sure your green screen is at least 5-10 feet behind the subject, as this prevents shadows on the screen as well as puts it slightly out of focus, which will help smooth out any imperfections that may arise. Next, your lighting has to be very clean and even. Take some video of just the chroma scrren alone, and see how well it works. Shadows and bright spots can kill you.

      I’d go into more detail, but I’m not even totally sure this is what you’re asking about. Give us more details, and I’ll try to help you out more. For example, what are you trying to do?

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      If it is chroma keying you are talking about even lighting is importnat . I get very good results with Vegas at a school studio (its a storage closet). We used paint lights and the ugliest green wall ($14.95) you have ever seen. Then when in post we make the adjustments using the Vegas software and it turns out well and believe me the setup is far from perfect (or even good). Things we are always on the look out for are spill from the green wall, shadows similar clothes color (which doesnt happen too often). Also with this hodge podge setup we do not have a lot of quick motion.

      If you give more details, I can probably help you get some decent results

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      I’m not sure but I think I am talking about an overlay. I want to use video with a modified backgound. I have seen on some digtal sites where they are talking about wipes and overlays.

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      It is amazing what can be done now. I am really enjoying the learning and trial and error of creating video productions. I am currently trying to build my video backgrounds with scenes from around our area. We have an abundance of wildlife and nature scenes available which I had never really thought of using until now.

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