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      ok, I’m new, so maybe people already do this, but I felt that, in my videos, sometimes the lyrics of the songs were a distraction. My neighbor has a huge kareoke machine in his house with about 300 cd’s. It’s perfect. music in the background, hardly noticable.

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      Yes, lyrics can be distracting. Sounds like your idea of using kareoke CDs would work. Just one note of caution: There are copyright laws that apply to using someone else’s music in your own creations. Of course, just showing your videos to family and friends wouldnt be a problem, but putting them on the internet or having some other type of public showing might get you in trouble. Some music publishers provide royalty-free production music. These are CDs (typically costing around $40 each) which have music cleared for inclusion in your videos and films. I think this website has a link to some royalty-free music sources, some you might be able to get for free. I like to use music from , but you should be able to find several sources.

      BTW, “royalty free” means you don’t have to pay a royalty fee every time your video is shown. It doesn’t mean that you can get the music for free (although I have seen some “free” royalty-free music).

      Good luck!

      Ken Hull

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      try for royalty free music – they are great quality and very reasonable prices – and free global shipping. Helped me out heaps!

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