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      Is there any place for instance that I could find simplebackground music that I could apply to my old Super 8 footage? I


      s say birthdays, holidays , baptisms, seaonal music for summer, fall, spring and winter, nothing elaborate of course. My nephew suggested istock and I checked that out but could`nt find anything that related to what I was looking for.

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      Digital Juice has some very nice royalty free music ( in the form of StackTraxx (they have a very limited deal going on their BackTraxx libraries today but I don’t know how long that will last). You also might want to look at Sony’s Cinescore or Sonic Fire Pro from Smartsound ( if you can spend a bit mroe – These last two options allow you to generate pretty exact lengths of decent royalty free music specifically aimed at video production.

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      80% of what I do is transferring old movie film.

      Smart Sound software is the way to go. The reason why it is better is the software allows you to change the length of the music and the software edits it down to make it sound perfect. No, I don’t work for them. I just spent hours trying to make my music fit the same length of the video. And with Super 8 can’t necessarily edit the video.

      Hope that makes sense. They frequently have sales on their music so if you watch you can get a good deal.

      The ones I would recommend are: Tres Jolie, Christmas, American Spirit, & Grass Roots..although you can also buy each song independently.

      Hope that helps.

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      You could also try They have lots of royalty free tracks and the search function works well. Also, they seem happy to change customise the music at a very little cost if you email them with thoughts on what you want. They’re also flexible on price depending on your usage.

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      Kevin McLeod at incompetech has a great assortment of tracks and you can also check which has a lots of creative commons music.

      The ultimate search tool is from the creative commons itself…

Viewing 4 reply threads
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