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      I’m going to be shooting training videos for some karate classes that I teach. I’ve been told not to shoot against a white background. I’m assuming that because of the shadows the lighting will create. Is that accurate? I’ve purchased a muslin backdrop; but I don’t think it will arrive in time for my first shoot. Does anyone have any suggestions for a cheep backdropsolution?

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      My thoughts…

      If you run your camera on any form of auto, gain, level, iris, focus, it is very hard for the camera to give you good images when against a white backdrop. Lighting is very difficult to manage. you may get washed out scenes or the details are too dark to make out. Focus is hard, manual or auto, when you have to adjust all the other elements of the camerabecause of all the action and constant scene change due to your talent. If your talent are dressed in white, it may become difficult to see their details against a white set.

      Your best bet is a more neutral or natural color backdrop.

      How big a “set” are you trying to dress? Could a new disposable painters tarp (tan paper on a plastic backing fromHome Depot/Lowes)or maybe a cheap bed sheet (Target, Kmart) be big enough?

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      You’ll just get better contrast, and you will like the results a lot better if you have a backdrop.

      Considering your subject, some of those portable, foldable Japanese screens might work well against the back wall. Just a thought.

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      If you’re cutting with Sony Vegas, VASST has a great tutorial about using difference masking to replace the background:

      You have to register with VASST but it’s free.

      They have lots of other great info about Vegas as well (not to mention some great tools and even some freebies).

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      Thanks guys. I ended up using a curtain in an auditorium at the school I work at. It worked great.

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