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      When shooting a one person interview ,and using 3 lights video set up.Can the back light,be at a low level.For instance the same height ,or lower than the person being shot.If this requires a special technique please let me know.

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      It all depends on the artist.

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      I agree with doublehamm. It all depends on what you, the artist, want the shot to look like. The only place to check lighting is on a monitor; the only answer to “what is good lighting” is how it looks to you. You should, of course, measure your notion of “good lighting” against what professionals in the industry have done before you. And go to museums and look at the lighting of the old masters. Some of the 15th and 16th century Dutch and Flemish painters especially were masters of placing light for both illumination and mood.

      There are lots of tried and true methods of lighting an interview and three point lighting is only one. You don’t need three lighting instruments to achieve three point lighting, either. I’ve lit in situations where I used a Lowel Omni for the key light, a sheet of foam core reflecting back the Omni for the fill light and a light colored wall behind the subject to provide the back light.

      You can get very creative, and it all depends on what you want the finished product to look like. But you really must set up you lighting using an external monitor. If it looks good on the monitor it will look good on the DVD (assuming, of course, that the monitor is properly calibrated.)

      Take a look at the instructional material by Walter Graff at for some very useful ideas on lighting.


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