Back in the day: When things were so easy! Multi format playing cameras

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      I remember owning few Sony’s when I had money thru my dad or myself,

      One was VX2000, It was NTSC format version, minidv tapes, but could play back both formats, just recorded on NTSC

      My dad also had I think TRV-600? which was PAL, and it was a decent minidv cam that could also play both formats

      Now I am working on a huge archived minidv tapes for my dad before he turns 65, old man wants me to organize all the tapes.

      I am looking for few cameras that I can buy, be it sony, that can playback most of these recordings.

      My very important question is, Does minidv camcorders today playback both formats even if records only 1?

      or even HDV (minidv ones) I know they can play standard format, but are they inclined to only one TV format?

      I would love to hear your suggestions, as these new generation sales-men on B+H Photo and video thinks such capabilities didnt exist with minidv camcorders, they were responding me on the phone like i am some kinda psycho…

      I would love to hear your suggestions as my time is running with my search and running out to make my fathers wish come true…

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      While I am aware of the occasional deck that would playback or generate PAL or NTSC, I cannot specifically recall a camera model that did so out of the box. I am sure you are right, but I cannot recall one specifically. Sorry.

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      I’d check eBay for some old analog camcorders. If you’re lucky, you will be able to find the exact model and buy one that runs well enough to play back a tape.

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      Ok I have an HDR-FX1 Sony camera it records NTSC but I can put a PAL recorded tape into the camera and it plays and I can download to the computer. I am not sure if this is what you are talking about or not. My Pal camera is a little handheld panasonic that i bought here in Ukraine my FX-1 I bought in the states and it will run both formats.


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      thanks guys, thats exactly what I am talking about daryldrj

      that line of cameras had one recording format, but could playback other format recorded minidv tapes…

      This is what my plan is, I have about 30 ntsc recorded minidv tapes, and about 50 pal recorded minidv tapes thru the years starting from some video8 footage I transferred to minidv tape from late 80s.

      for transferring the NTSC footage minidv tapes, I will have to get a new ntsc minidv format, not HD format around $200 that I can do.

      and also buy a new HD format but this time PAL (moving back to Europe again, and I hear for independent movie shooting people still go with PAL even in the US market)

      Do you have any suggestions from new models in around $700 price range?

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