B-Roll storage?

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      I am looking for the best way to catolog and store B-roll film. What is the best way to do it.

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      In my opinion, burning a DVD or Blu-ray data disc is the most cost effective, stable solution if you are not shooting tape and can’t afford LTO. Once burned to the disc, the data isn’t go anywhere as long as you take care of the disc, which is easy to do. Just keep it in a cool, dry area out of the sun. One of those CD books works fine.

      People always say, “Well you can scratch a disc,” as if it’s hard to take care of a disc. Statements like that have nothing to do with how well the product performs. That’s a statement about how well someone takes care of their stuff. Sure you can scratch a disc, but you can drop hard drives and lose tapes, but hard drive fail when you least expect them. So I don’t recommend that route if you’re not going to store your stuff on at least 2 drives.

      In my opinion, DVD and Blu-ray data discs are the most cost effective right now.

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      Long as the footage isn’t HD or high-end SD like BetaCam-SP or DVC Pro, I would agree with Rob. DVD’s are mad cheap these days and if you store them properly with last quite a long time. The drawback is; they’re only 4.7-9GB worth of storage so if you’ve got a lot of footage, you’re going to be burning discs ’til the cows come home. But, if time-consuming, mind-bendingly tedious work is your thing then you should be quite happy with it.

      If your footage is uncompressed high-end footage from the cameras previously mentioned or anything in the HD realm, Blu-Ray and Harddrives are your next options. Blu-Ray is currently 25-50GB (with a projected 1TB) and are cheaper in the short run than harddrives. The drawback is similar to DVD in that if you’ve got a lot of uncompressed footage, you’ll need many discs, deal with the burn times and in the long run it’s more expensive than harddrives. However, BRD’s are much more stable than both DVD’s or Harddrives but have similar fragility issues like DVD’s for getting scratched. If properly stored, they’ll last a long time as well.

      Right now, Harddrives are king. Inexpensive in both the short and long run, have much greater storage potential than both DVD and BRD’s and in the short run are pretty stable. However, in the long run is where you run into issues. Long-term storage of harddrives is hit or miss. Anything other than Solid State Drives have moving mechanical parts and use magnetic based media to record and store information. Drives can be accidentally reformatted, have file corruption or suffer mechanical failure due to lack of use over long periods.

      The biggest advantage to harddrives is because the stored information is volatile, it can be backed up and or transferred to another harddrive and other media like DVD or BRD with ease. Also, in the case of file corruption often if the damage is not too severe, the information can be salvaged. Whereas with DVD and BRD if the disc gets damaged its done and so are the files it contained. With proper storage of harddrives and regularly scheduled checks, your HDD’s will last for some time.

      Which one to choose? It depends on what you have and what your long-term goals are for using it.

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