Azden 200UPR… XLR input a feature?

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      I have searched the forum regarding this question and every post seems to float around the answer but hopefully I’ll get what I need.

      Does the Azden UPR200 have an XLR input? To attach a wired mic to the unit?
      The Azden website states, "The receiver comes with a "hot-shoe" mount, a 2-channel 3.5mm to 3.5mm output cable and a 2-channel 3.5mm to twin XLR cable."

      It says output cable. Here is what I want to do, to clarify my needs:
      Basically, I want to be able to attach a regular XLR handheld microphone to the unit mainly during the reception, when I am getting comments from the guests. (I want to use this setup until I can afford an extra wireless handheld mic)
      While I will have a separate kiosk available as well, I would like to have this as an alternative.

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