AX2000 – Anyone using this model?

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      And if you are, what are your impressions – Pros & Cons.


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      I am using the Z5 which I believe is the same imaging sensor block (and mostly the same camera).

      Pros are it’s one of the better cameras out there for lower light in that price range. The 20x zoom is incredible – especially for candid shots. The battery life is insane when you go with the NP-F970s and even generics of similar size. I have had my 2 cameras for over 2 years now and batteries easily last 4-5 hours.

      Cons? hmmmm…. its not a FS700?

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      I have the AX2000 and can honestly say it’s a great camera. The only problem is that it divides clips longer than 13 minutes into two parts, cutting about seven frames of audio and video. You could fix this by using the included Sony Picture Content Manager to join the clips. In Premiere Pro CS5 and above (don’t know about CS4) it will automatically join this clips without the need of extra transcoding (editing natively the .MTS video) as long as you import all the files. Basically adding a folder called “BDMV” into your hardrive and importing individual .MTS into your project. If yourecordclips longer than 13 minutes and you’re NLE does not join them automatically, you should look for another camera.

      The picture quality isabsolutelyfantastic and it works really well in low light conditions. The built in microphone does a decent job, but as you know you should notrelyon it. It has two XLR with phantom power which work perfectly with shotguns. As for the battery I alsorecommendgetting the NP-F970 (it seems it will never get discharged).

      You can watch a couple of clips I recorded with this camera in my Pond5 Artist Page.

      Another thing, the AX2000 and the NX5 are almost identical. The NX5 have other features like SD-SDI output, records in 720p (the AX200 does not record 720), has an optional 128 GB flash memory unit and a GPS (for me this feature is useless). They have a price difference of around $500.

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      I have been using the AX2000 for 2 years now recording racing at dirt tracks and some small studio work on the side. I upgraded to tapeless and wont look back. I have nothing bad to say about the camera at all. Good in low light and the 2 XLS inputa are very handy for externals and lavaliers. I have the larger battery but for static shots I plug in to AC power (usingmy ownpower strip for protection). The only con i can think of is not getting good super slow motion. No problems otherwise.

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      As for clip splitting, that is the norm for just about any tape-less camera out there due to the file system format. If you use included utilities it should join the clips together upon import, and you will NOT lose the frames of video/audio that seem to disappear if you use the clips separately in the NLE. Also, before I figured out how to do this, I found that faster cards had less “missing” frames between clips. But if you import them correctly it is all a non issue.

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      <b>Sony HDR-AX 2000 Failed at Critical shoot !!!</b>, <nobr>June 29, 2012</nobr>

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      <div style=”font-size: 10pt; margin-bottom: 0.5em;”><b><span style=”color: #e47911; font-size: 10pt; font-weight: bold;”>This review is from: </span>Sony HDR-AX2000 Handycam camcorder (Electronics)</b></div>

      June 2012 -I was shooting an outdoor Wedding at a Country Club in Las Vegas. I had been shooting for 1/2 an hour for pre-wedding, then while filming the wedding party ( with a 2 month old Sony HDR-AX 2000) in the wedding—all the the sudden the camera would not focus. I turned off the camera;took off the battery, turned on and got a 32:60 error message. I had a small point and shoot camera on my belt, I pulled it out and hand held it for the whole wedding ! The Sony AX 2000 would not work !!! I have found out the G-series lens is the problem and Sony knows about it and has not fixed the problem. I have had Sony cameras for 25 years- done hundreds of productions and never had a problem. I will probably get sued…Shame on Sony!!! I’m looking at at Class Action Law Suit..If you’ve had a problem like this— send me an e-mail to Any Prosumer Sony camera with “G” series Lens — SonyHXR-NX5U or SonyAX 2000. Beware !!! The camera has a beautiful picture,20:1 Optical lens and exceptional low light 1.5 LUX. Can I ever trust it again after it’s fixed ??? Always, Always have a backup for anything really important. It failed at the most crutial time.

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      Your situationis the first I have seen on this camera. I shoot in the worst environment for any camera and have never had an issue other than batteries draining quicker than normal when it is below 55 degrees outside. I shoot dirt track racing.

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez


      I never had such a problem with my AX2000 and I had record in differentenvironments (e.g. beaches with a 90 degrees F sun). The only error message I had seen in almost two years with this cam is a C:04:?? which happens because thebattery(NP-F970) sometimes does not snap correctly in the compartment.

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