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      Great simple Video Editor 5.1 found it to be simple and just what you need. Price is right too was only 59 bucks. Plus I found if you want an update you can contact the Developers and they add that info. Not too bad. So if looking for a kewl editor. I like it. Did a demo of the other main stream ones out there and just too much in cost or not enough on what was needed to keep editing simple and to the point.

      Also got the Audio editor very cool for doing music. The 59 bucks is for lifetime of updates. Not too bad. So when 60p is out you don’t have to buy something new.

      Not sure if anyone really uses these forums or not. Would be interested to see others on what they are using.

      One video I just made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9L7l-ZLJ8E

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      THATS alot of work……………you should have paid someone to do it for you……….

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      Sure and miss out doing it yourself. Plus the extra cost would be a new camera. But go figure most people would hire out but always great to learn something new. If you think that is a lot of work. Going to be planting 5 pounds of Catnip and tilling about 2-3 acres.

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      what kind of equipment did you use?

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      Used HV30 and AVS 5.1 Editor. Rode SVM but just got a Sony UHF wireless Mic. Was only about 390 Or so after Rebate. I have an equipment list on my YouTube Channel


Viewing 4 reply threads
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