Avid Xpress / Graphics card question

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      I’m contemplating the purchase of Avid Xpress DV and I need to know if my system is compatible.

      I’m stuck with a Dell Dimension desktop that does not have an AGP or PCIe slot. The graphics card is an on-board Intel 82865G with the latest driver and 128 MB dedicated. It runs Studio Plus 10 adequately but will it work with Xpress DV? I cannot get that information from Avid.

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      [quote="compusolver"]* Avid Express offers a trial (15day) version[/quote]

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      But in the Google results, it appears as though they’re talking about a trial version of Avid Express.[/quote]
      No, it’s about plug-ins.
      [quote="compusolver"]Sorry ’bout that! Many NLE’s do offer trial versions.[/quote]
      Yes they do. But not Avid. They give you FreeDV to cut your teeth with.

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