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      Hello everyone,

      i want to learn how to edit, local colleges, only have class when i am at work, and i can not miss work, i was wondering how good is the Avid Training on dvd? will i learn a lot, or not? i know videoguys has it for 99 dollars right. any info? thanks


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      AvatarJennifer O’Rourke

      Hi, Escobar… I’ve looked some Avid training DVDs over and felt it was good for me for a point-by-point how-to-do-this explanation. Avid is pretty complex, so you need to have a good understanding of editing as a whole or you can get bogged down and frustrated with it’s interface. It is an incredible program, though.

      You don’t say if you’ve been editing for a while, or what editing programs you’ve been working on. I took a 2-day hands-on class in Santa Monica at a specialty-school a number of years ago and felt I got more out of the training DVDs than the school.

      You don’t say which training DVD you are looking at on the VideoGuys site, so I’m not sure, again, which program it might include, but I do know that Avid is very particular about who writes and releases training manuals for their product, which means they’re scrutinized by the Avid company and the training is very thorough.

      If anything, owning the DVD might give you a jump-start to understanding the program before you deceide to invest the time and expenses you have to put into enrolling into a traditional college class. Give us more info on your skill level and and which training program you’re looking at…

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      I agree with Madame Chick about the complexity of Avid software. Once you learn the basics Avid is not that hard to work with. The hard part is learning the basics. I got classroom and hands on training learning how to use media composer and symphony in addition to having a copy of DV Xpress Pro. The good news is, once you learn how to work the interface you can work them all no matter what platform. Bad news is, learning the interface. If you are trying to learn editing from scratch, I’d strongly advise against going with Avid unless your’re getting sponsored by your job to do so. Now that Avid has ‘canned’ Xpress Pro for Media Composer, $2.5k is a lot of cash to spend on software that will kick your butt trying to learn it on your own. Definitely check out the DVD and I do believe you can still download a trial copy of MC to play with, though I don’t think 30 days is enough time to truly evaluate it.

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      Thank you guys, i first started off with pinnacle studio ultimate, just to mess around with, and i am in post production of my first full feature film, my crew is working on cs4, and i understand the basics, the interface, but i would like to learn more about editing, and especially avid, and the thing is avid has dvds, so thats why i was asking about avid. Thank you guys for your response.

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      I apologize for jumping in late. I have a lot of irons in the fire.

      I am going through some VASST and Class On Demand training DVD’s on Vegas Pro. I cannot say enough good about them. The ability to back up, rewind, play it again, and then try to duplicate with my own NLE on the second screen makes it (I think) far superior to anything I could get in a similar amount of time in a class.

      I am not sure who has what, but in addition to Videoguys you could try:





      I would think that the multi-disk sets would give you lots more ‘expert advice’ than just a single disk set.

      Also to consider are the free tutorials on:



      I hope that helps.


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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      The COW is always a great help (‘ll answer antyhting I can) and certifications mean nada. It’s as easy as purchasing and going through the manual today. You can also learn a lot by taking an intership and putting your learning hat on.

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      Escobar sez:

      ” Hello everyone,

      i want to learn how to edit, local colleges, only have class when i am at work, and i can not miss work, i was wondering how good is the Avid Training on dvd? will i learn a lot, or not? “

      Training provided by any particular manufacturer will mainly cover the operation of their software/hardware and not necessarily teach one how to edit. Editing is the art of telling a story by arranging film or video clips in such a way as to be informative or entertaining. That art can only be learned by observing the work of others who have mastered it and by applying their techniques to your own projects, being critical of the results.

      Becomming an apprentice, intern, or assistant to an established editor is the best way to learn. Check out http://www.editorsguild.com and read some of the stories in the Guild Magazine from those who found a way to becomming employed as apprentices or assistants and who eventually got their big break.

      R Crampton

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      I guess it depends on the DVD in question but you’ll lean much more by hopping down in front of it and challenging yourself. You’ll find if you call around local post houses, yu can usually find a place that’ll let you sit in with their editor if they can gain something from you. This is usually how you’ll get your “big break” too.

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