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      I have used AVID Studio (updated with 1.1 patch) on my older Windows 7 OS quad desktop without a problem (actually I am probably one of the few who really like the program), however, when I ported it over to my new HP Windows 7 Quad i7 Chip Laptop with independent 1gb Graphic Card and 8 gb of Machine Memory, the program tries to bring in HD video files (clips) and after about a minute appears to overload using 100% of the Laptop CPU and both the NG and Avid Studio portions of the program crash. I have tried limiting the number of HD files to import by pointing the library import to just specific subdirectories thereby limiting the number of files but that does not seem to solve the problem. Has anyone had this particular difficulty with the i7 chip or is the AVID program just that intensive. An alternative rendering program that I have does not seem to have the problem.

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      AvatarMoab Man

      I absolutely love and swear by Avid Studio, but i have found that Pinnacle or Avid Studio run most stable when the min specs, your processor speed,for the type of footage your processing are close to double.

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      Since I am somewhat hosed on the new Laptop with Avid Studio and have not found a work around, I have been considering a switch to Sony Vegas Movie Studio which at least appears to work and seems less CPU hungry. Any exposure or thoughts about that program?

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      Is Studio on a separate hd than ur OS?

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      Studio is on the same Laptop hard drive as the operating system. The hard drive is only about half full even with pictures and video files and is not fragmented. I could put it on a separate hard drive that is USB 3.0 if you think that might help. I always thought the program was supposed to work better on the same drive.

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      I am running studio 15 on a pretty good system but at first I was letting studio render on the same hard drive in my computer as studio was installed. Just drive C. I also was storing my videos there from my Canon and I found studio to be taxing my CPU 100% every time I opened it up with these videos. Then anytime it has to render when applying effects it would of course tax the CPU 100%. The 6 gigs of memory are only running at 30%. So I put in a better video card with 3 gigs on it. NO better! Then I bought an external 2TB 3.0USB seagate drive. It is very fast drive and I put all my videos on that drive and I set studio up to render work on that drive. So now studio is on my normal drive C but everything else is on the high speed 3.0 drive. And SUCCESS! CPU will touch 100% then drop back down in a few seconds. It does not stay at 100% for minutes at a time. I highly suggest you buy the 3.0 external drive by seagate. If your laptop is not 3.0 USB capable you will also need the 3.0 adapter for the card slot and you will then have 3.0 with great transfer rates. This should cure your issues. Just make SURE you set studio up on the drive C: and to RENDER from the 3.0 drive! This is under the project setup option.

      Good luck and have fun out there!

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      Good suggestion. Thanks. I will give that a try and report back. The Laptop does port 3.0 USB and I do have a 1TB WD HD to try the render suggestion. I still feel AVID is using an awful lot of resource to push the i7 chip with a separate graphics card to the max.

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      Golddredger, that was an excellent suggestion and I thought for a time it might be working, however, I am still crashing. I just don’t think the new Laptop can handle the program and that truly is a shame because I have managed several pretty good video presentations in the past in both Pinnacle Studio and Avid Studio’s abet not without a bug or two or three during the process and on a different machine. But before I have always found a workaround. This one has be stumpted. I will continue to check back in case someone has another suggestion.

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      As was suggested and particularly with laptop editing, you need a secondary drive to store all your video and work your effects on to free up resources on your main drive. It strikes me terribly odd that your maxing out an i7 Quad Core with it’s 8 virtual cores. With 8GB of RAM you should be cruising even with HD. So my next question is; have you checked to see if your graphics card is compatible with Avid Studio? If it isn’t, that would explain your CPU taking on the extra calculation load if your GPU is not up to the job. You also may want to tap Dell’s tech support with this issue for there maybe an issue they’re aware of an have a patch for.

      Another thing to look into is, what background processes are running while you’re editing? Typically, you’ve got AV and Firewall software running in the background. There are probably non-essential background processes running that cut into resources. Now though you have more cores and RAM available, all that stuff still cuts in particularly when running HD (specifically AVCHD) which is a data hog.

      Also, check your cache and RAM preferences in Avid Studio. They may be set too high and you’ll want to dial them down.

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      Wolfgang, thank you for the suggestions. I am still crashing. I have rechecked and have the latest drivers for the graphics card, the latest BIOS, etc. There does not appear to be a conflict with AVID and the graphics card. I did find an excellent discussion by Hajin Lim of the AVID Technology Mountain View Office on the Pinnacle Forum at


      who suggested (among other things) adjusting the computer for best performance. That seemed to have the greatest impact on the CPU, however, I still crashed.

      I am not familiar with your reference to cache and RAM preferences in Avid Studio. If you could go into detail on that a bit it would be appreciated. I do have render while play set to off; background playback disabled; and, quality set to fastest playback – if that is what you were refering to. Thanks again.

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      In the higher versions of Avid products and other upper level NLE’s, you can go into your software’s ‘Preferences’ or ‘Options’ menu and select the amount of computer resources available for editing. RAM, # of CPU cores, GPU RAM and harddrive space are among the resources NLE’s are allowed to draw from. Also, it may come down to doing a reinstall. For whatever reason, you’ve got a resource conflict be it hard or software and when your software draws upon the available resources, the conflict occurs and your system shuts down. Another thing to check is for the latest win update (service pack.) I’d still put a call into Dell and see if they know something concerning the laptop that may be the issue. Last but not least, you may just need to change NLE’s. Vegas Studio is an entry-level program that works quite well and it wouldn’t take you long to get up to speed with it or heal your wallet after purchase. I’ve got experience editing with 7 different NLE’s (most higher and high-end), because a particular one couldn’t do what I needed at the time. So, if you need to change it’s not that big a deal. Just don’t break the bank.

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      Update; I am absolutly befuddled. My Windows 7 updates are all current. My machine has had the Registry and Shortcuts organized by an assortment of Utilities to ensure there were no conflicts present there. I did remove Avid Studio and reinstalled it on the Laptop. It reinstalled, as before, except initially it indicated there was a missing file that it needed to load. That particular file related to a Microsoft Net.Framework 2.0 application (which upon further investigation is supposed to be completely incorporated within the Windows 7 64-bit OS. For example: If you try and load the MS Net.Framework 2 program file yourself, the update will refuse to load indicating it is already on the machine within the OS). At any rate Avid appeared to load the missing file (I really question, based on my research, whether it did) and went on to install the entire Studio program. I still have my resorce conflict problem, however, crashing with 100% CPU usage.

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      At this point you seem to have isolated the issue. Contact Avid Support directly (e-mail or call) and see if they may have a fix for you.

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      Thanks, will do.

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       I think I am having the same issue. I have a new ASUS machine

      Report Date:   12/31/2011
      Report Time[hr:mm:ss]:  11:25:13
      Driver Version:
      Operating System:  Windows 7  Service Pack 1(6.1.7601)
      Default Language:  English (United States)
      DirectX* Version:  10.1
      Physical Memory:  6049 MB
      Minimum Graphics Memory: 64 MB
      Maximum Graphics Memory: 1696 MB
      Graphics Memory in Use:  43 MB
      Processor:   Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
      Processor Speed:  2394 MHz
      Vendor ID:   8086
      Device ID:   0116
      Device Revision:  09


      *   Processor Graphics Information   *

      Processor Graphics in Use:  Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000
      Video BIOS:   2111.0
      Current Graphics Mode:  1366 by 768


      *   Devices Connected to the Graphics Accelerator   *

      Active Notebook Displays: 1
       * Built-in Display *

      Monitor Name:   Generic PnP Monitor
      Display Type:   Digital
      Gamma Value:   2.2
      DDC2 Protocol:   Supported

      Maximum Image Size:
      Horizontal:   13.39 inches
      Vertical:   07.48 inches

      Monitor Supported Modes:
      1366 by 768 (60 Hz)


      Display Power Management Support:
      Standby Mode:   Not Supported
      Suspend Mode:   Not Supported
      Active Off Mode:  Not Supported

      Raw EDID:
      00 FF FF FF FF FF FF 00 0D AF 90 15 00 00 00 00
      1F 13 01 03 80 22 13 78 0A D1 F5 93 5D 59 90 26
      1D 50 54 00 00 00 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01
      01 01 01 01 01 01 60 1D 56 BC 50 00 26 30 1E 3F
      4C 00 58 C2 10 00 00 18 00 00 00 FE 00 4E 31 35
      36 42 36 2D 4C 30 44 0A 20 20 00 00 00 FE 00 43
      4D 4F 0A 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 00 00 00 FE
      00 4E 31 35 36 42 36 2D 4C 30 44 0A 20 20 00 4D

      Avid Studio is the only software I installed other than ESET antivirus. When installing I have the same message about missing microsoft KB 981266. I click ok and it seems to install everything. I have reinstalled AVID STUDIO and tried with or without the 1.1 patch. Also tried the repair option. Every time the install goes ok but when I work with large HD video clips I get the message “the system is low on memory – it is requested to restart the app. (GC:44MB Lf:12MB Av:73KB Tf:132 MB”

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      Karl, your problem certainly sounds like my problem. I have the same graphics mode set as you although I am running with a 1Gb GDDR5 Radeon HD 6490M Graphics card. Of interest, Avid comes with a little program called “Nemo Check” that it loads with the program in the “Start/All Programs/Avid Studio/Tools menu. That program indicates I should have no problem with HD. Very frustrating.

      Composite 1 has suggested I contact Avid directly about the conflict, which is what I was getting ready to do. I am able to run Avid Studio with patch 1.1 on another machine without a problem abet somewhat slowly on the render but I wanted to port the program to my Laptop i7 with 8Gb memory for working in the fileld. With what I am running the program should handle the memory and my CPU should not crash. I am running Win 7 64 bit Premium Home Edition and receive that same Net.Framework 2.0 KB 981266 message on install. I have also received the system low on memory message just prior to crashing.

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      The nemo check worked fine on mine as well.

      GC:44MB Lf:12MB Av:73KB Tf:132 MB

      If these are memory usage at time of crash, They seem really small.

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      Karl, I did find one thing over on the Avid FAQ just now that seemed to help me for a brief period (before I crashed again) and that pertained to priority of processes within the Task Manager. It only worked for me for a short time before I overloaded again but it might be worth a try in your situation. Hope it helps. I think my problem is more conflict than memory.

      This is what was suggested.

      “In some cases it can be helpful to increase the priority of the Studio application in Windows. Here is how to do that:

      • With Studio open, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete on the keyboard.
      • Select Start Task Manager.
      • Select the Processes tab.
      • Locate NGStudio.exe in the list.
      • Right-click on NGStudio.exe and select Set Priority.
      • In the Set Priority section, try selecting AboveNormal or High.
      • Once
        the change is made it will prompt a warning asking if you are sure you
        want to change the priority class. Select Yes to this. If there is any
        undesirable change, simply change the priority back to Normal.”
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      Karl, I did not get your post. I have a blank square. It has been one of those days. Happy New Year. Please try again.

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       I can’t seem to post correctly. How in the world am I going to fix this problem? LOL.

      I will try your idea as soon as I install the Avid Studio again. I thought that there may be a problem with the file I downloaded last March. This is the second computer I installed it on and that may have something to do with it.

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       I wasn’t able to download a new file from the website. I requested and used the new key when I re-installed. I got the same message again about KB981266. After installing the patch I still had problems after dragging a large clip onto the timeline while in movie mode.

      I set the priority in the task magager for NGStudio*32.exe. Still had the same problems.

      I was able to burn a DVD using a disk image created from my first computer. The files were on a seagate 1TB external drive. The DVD file size was over 6 Gig.

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      I have a solution to my problem with the 100% CPU crashes. The solution was on the AVID Knowledge Base, item 418915, titled “Green preview on H.264 Video in Avid Studio after updating Intel Graphics drivers”. Though I did not have a green preview on H.264 Video (essentially AVCHD) I did have an up to date Graphics card with current drivers. The two files they suggested to install in the Avid/ Program subdirectory were dated September 2011 rather than the April 2011 shown in the subdirectory (don’t hold me to specific dates as I am doing this from memory; the files were more current). The two files were H264Codec.ax and Media_SDK Wrapper.dll (dynamic link library). If you try the fix, which worked for me, I would recommend just renaming your two files to xxxold.ac and xxxold.dll. That way you can go back and reinstall them if the fix doesn’t work. At this point, I have been loading files for about 45 minutes and the highest CPU usage I have recorded is about 75%, most of the time it is substantually less. Since you also have an intel graphics cart, I would say give it a try. Good luck. Keep me posted.

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      I had a similar problem, with limited editing resources (and computer), some years ago. Running a memory monitor at the same time, revealed that as rendering proceeded, reserve memory began to run down. The gradient of the rate-of-fall, in effect, put an upper limit on what I was able to render at-a-time, once a lower limit was reached, way down where emergency measures were triggered and meant to cut-in, they were inadequate, and the render quit, abruptly, without warning, ending intotal computer ‘wipeout’. With the information available to me at-the-time, I was unable to ever, completely, solve the problem, but the software proved to be eminently suitable, due to a very clear-cut ‘snap’ action over groups of two to five frames, for entry of ‘frames’ of material for purposes of animation, which, as you will know, can be a highly repetitive process, so anything which streamlines the same action, repeated over and over again, is worthwhile. To this day, that video-editor is still rendering excellent service when rendering sequences of animation into a usable form and I still render all of my animations to video using it, because the requirement is only for short duration, and the memory never runs down to an extent where any part of the process is put at risk. I have used a dozen different editors in my time, and those which excell at one function, may still turn out to be spectacular ‘bummers’ when used outside their comfort-zone. It’s a case of ‘Horses-for-courses’, mainly, but thanks for the warning, as I had intended, medium term, to have a look at Avid Studio, myself.

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      Can’t offer any advice why your having problems, however I too was experiencing similar issues on my new HP DV7-611TX laptop. All i did was to uninstall AS, re-install but NOT update the 1.1 patch, works a treat now.

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      Ian, I have used Pinnacle and now Avid Studio for about 10 years, through many updates, and it has gradually become better and better. The new Avid Studio I can’t say enough good about the program and what it can do. It is just every once and awhile you will want to throw it out the window or kick it down the hall. I recently completed a rather long (4 hour) render on my desktop for a convention. The render went fine and I had a great dual layered picture, my problem at that time was the menu the program produced. The dual layer through it off by one place for reasons I could never figure out. I don’t believe they have ever fixed that little bug. So if you purchase Avid Studio be prepared for a little frustration. It will be there.

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      I have a similar problem, except that I have never been able to get Avid Studio to run long enough to really do anything before I get the message: “NGStudio has stopped working”. It will fail immediately if I try to open any directory that has a high definition video clip within it. I have had absolutely no success with any of the things that have been suggested by AVID support people, including uninstalling and reinstalling the software several times, having AVID technical support take control of my computer and do all kinds of things (diagnostics, etc., etc.)

      I have now had the software for almost a year, without being able to use it at all. I am using a system with i7 processor and 8GB RAM running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. The graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT. When I first got the software and experienced these crashes, I upgraded to this configuration at the suggestion of AVID.

      Pinnacle Studio (any version up to 14) works fine. From the few short glimpses I have had of AVID Studio, it appears to offer much better colour correction and many other useful features, if only it would work! I am rather amazed that the software seems to have such poor diagnostics on crashes, as there seems to be nothing to give AVID Technical Support a clue about what is going on, and how I could fix it.

      I have even tried reinstalling the OS then installing AS — same problem.

      I have run the Task Manager while starting AVID Studio, and at no time does the memory usage exceed 50%, nor does the CPU usage approach 100% so my problem might be something a little different than others posting on this topic.

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      Murray,Two questions. Is Avid Studio patch 1.1 loaded? What sort of video file is the program attempting to load when you start the program up? By default the program will be looking in your computer’s My Photo, My Video, My Music folders for files to load. From within the program go to Setup/Control Panel and see Watch Folders. When I had my problem this was the first place I went to disarm the file loading part.

      I was definitely getting the “NG has stopped working” error with my problem, but your CPU useage is different than mine. I believe mine was a conflice with the actual H264 Codex being used and the Graphics driver. When I replaced the Codex and dll (dynamic link library) file that accompanied it things quieted down on CPU conflict/useage and I was running the normal 20-70% useage. My solution was on the AVID Knowledge Base, item 418915, titled “Green
      preview on H.264 Video in Avid Studio after updating Intel Graphics
      drivers”. The replacement Codex is there. I don’t believe you can loose by loading the newer Codex if you haven’t already.

      As previously noted in another post above, I did find an excellent discussion by Hajin Lim of the AVID Technology Mountain View Office on the Pinnacle Forum at


      who suggested a number of ways to increase Pinnacle/Avid performance. You might take a look there and see if there is something you might not have tried.

      Good luck. Avid Studio really is a fine program when you can get it to run.

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      I use Avid Studio and I am very satisfied with it. It did take a little while to get use to it. I use it for editing my video and for editing green screen backgrounds and it works great for me. The only thing I don't like is the rendering time but I suppose it must do what it must do. Here's a question for anyone with an answer. I was using Avid Studio on windows 7 home version with a top of the line graphic card, 8GB memory and i7 processor. Everything was working perfectly. I upgraded to windows 8 professional and now Avid Studio will not open. It goes through the motion with the Avid logo and icons as if it is trying to open but it never fully loads. I also have Sony Vegas Pro 11 but everytime I try to open it in windows 8 it freezes up once the video is loaded. I tried to find Avid updates for windows 8 but I failed to locate any. Can any one help me with this issue?

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      Dat schijnt inderdaad niet te werken. Met de Compatibility tester blijkt dat ook. Voor een upgrade zal je naar Pinnacle 16 moeten. In hoeverre je daarmee Avid Studio projecten kan importeren weet ik niet.

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      I use Avid Studio. I was doing really great with it and then all of my videos, pictures, audio, transitions everything went away. It shows at the bottom that I am importing files and they show up when scanning for them. These are from the imports for items on computer. But they don't show up in any of the folders on the left or in the viewing area. There is nothing. I have windows 7. I tried uninstalling and reinstallng it several  times and nothing changes. I have installed all of the updates and patches. It was working fine for 3 months except for the crashes. I even uninstalled Pinnacle Studio this last time. Does anyone know how I can fix it? I have searched for months trying to find a solution. It works fine on my laptop, but not on my pc that I use for doing all of the main editing. 


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      Hy first sorry i didn’ t find the right topic but i really need a help from someone .
      The thing is i like to buy.a.laptop i am hesitating between to lenovo y 500 or macbook pro .i gonna use the machine for avid after photoshop and illustrator.
      Please if u answearing write reason.
      I think the lenovo is mhch much better but evrybody said the apple is apple and thas not matter the apple built for these editing. I know but the same way i see in lenovo got better cpu vga.
      Please if u have experience or any opininon write it

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      Has ANYONE had any progress with this issue?  I cannot get AVID to run at all, with the same exact errors.


      Historically, I've been very happy with the older versions of Pinnacle on older systems…which sounds like I'm going to have to go back to.  So much for progress….





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      I am suddenly getting "NG studio has stopped working" error message. I am working with Windows 8 and pinnacle studio 16 ultimate products. I tried deleting the 16.0  or renaming it to 16.old file in the Pentium folder to which it only returns when I execute pinnacle 16 again. Is there a solution to this matter?

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      I also updated my Windows 7 operating system to Windows 8, and to my surprise Pinnacle 14 would not work any more. Therefore I purchased Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate which specified on the box specifically that it was compatible to Windows 8. When I installed pinnacle studio ultimate on my desktop, it would appear to be loading but failed after the initialization window was completed. Pinnacle was not run until I paid the Pinnacle Support service of $19 to help resolve the problem.  The resolution to make Pinnacle Studio  16 Ultimate work was to go pinnacle website (http://www.pinnaclesys.com) and download and execute the following pinnacle update: PinnacleStudio16_1_0_Patch.exe and re-start the application. I hope this works for you. 

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      I need a resolution for the following error when I execute pinnacle studio 16 ultimate:
      "NGStudio has stopped working". Do any of you know how to fix this problem? Let me know when you get a chance. Thanks. 
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      I too having the same problem as tmsimmon1 Is it because of the NGstudio os 32 bits.

      what is the remedy. Kindly help us.

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      NGStudio has stopped working resolution.
      Gentlemen, these are the sequences in which I read paired NGStudio has stopped working problem.
      First I browse to location: C:users(your account username here)app datalocalpinnaclestudio1.0, 2.0 or 16.0 files and changed them into old.  Then, I stumbled on a fix for the in NGStudio has stopped working error utilizing pinnacle 16 studio ultimate under Windows 8 OS. Move the cursor on the right side of the screen and click on the search box. In the search box, you can specify disk clean this will bring up the tuneup disk cleaner application. Click on the "free and disk space by deleting unnecessary files" option. You can also go to the pinnacle website and click on how to delete temporary files for Windows 8. Let the program complete its task and try opening pinnacle again. Try this and see if it works, it worked for me and I am able to open pinnacle 16 with out a hitch so far.  I will keep you updated for any future problems regarding this matter as it occurs.

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      Sorry guys I'm back, this solution  only worked for five minutes and I went back to NGSstudio error again. This product sucks, I'll try a few more things and let  you know the results.

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      I too am having the NGStudio.exe issue!! Only I can tell you exactly what happened.. First, I use Pinnacle Studio 14 and 16. I run them both on the same desktop. I kept getting choppy playback while trying to edit AVCHD clips which really eff with ur CPU. So in order to get my videos to play back non-choppy I put an old video card in – 256mb and a fan – one of those old school gaming type cards… The program still worked lovely. So anyway, because I had to switch to a better video card, I had to also switch from vga to dvi because the card in added is dvi only. Okay so anyway, that was that. Then one day I was trying to add magic bullet effect, but I couldn't find the add-on tabbie anywhere. Then I realized "Hey wait a minute, I didn't have them in version 16, only in version 14"; Hence why I'd kept both versions all along. So I then attempted to open up 14, but it kept giving me an error and would shut down. I don't remember exactly which error it was, all I remember was it just wouldn't open, and so I decided I'd just uninstall both 16 and 14 and reinstall them. I haven't gotten to reinstalling 14 yet because I've been unsuccessful in getting 16 to work. I keep getting the ngstudio.exe and cloud something error messages every time I attempt to open the program. I read someone's post above where they asked if hardware had changed since first installing it, and the answer is yes… The video card.. BUT it still worked for 16 even after I'd been using the added video card… It worked right up until I uninstalled the studio programs. Can someone PLEASE help me try to figure out in my case why this ngstudio keeps coming up, and how to get rid of it, based on my vid-card information!? I would truly appreciate it!

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      I am having same problem with importing in AVID 1.1 – it acts like it is working but nothing imports !  It was working fine before I upgraded to Windows 8.1 – everything else seems to work ok and then.. no import (though it acts like it is) with no errors either.  It's useless if I want to import anything now.  I don't want to reinstall …and lose all my libraries. I have a brand new gaming laptop – high specs… I have tried running it in Windows 7 compatibility mode and same thing.  Very Frustrated! Any ideas?

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      I "fixed" the import problem, but not sure quite how.  I did a restore to previous date first… but still got same import situation, so I'm pretty sure this wasn't it (but thought it worth mentioning).  Then I deleted the new collection I was importing into when it started acting up and the one file of many attempted that it did import into it.  It worked perfectly after that.  I know – not very technical, but something happened during that import, so if you know when it happened, retrace your steps and delete where it was headed…

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      I'm back in love with my AVID studio again after a brief break-up…

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