Avid Studio export to DVD work around to drastically improve quality.

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      Thought this could be useful for all you Avid Studio users. And since there isn’t an Avid Studio forum this was the closest relative so I hope this helps. It may apply to Pinnacle Studio 15 as well.

      I work with green-screen and probably about a total of 6 layers on average. IF I export to DVD the quality is really poor and the person in front of the green-screen has a purple glow. The glow is not there when I play the project while working in AS. To get a near flawless video quality DVD I have to do the following (maybe this will help others seriouslydisappointedin DVD export quality).

      1. Export the file as an AVCHD at its highest quality

      2. Start a new project

      3. Bring the AVCHD file into AS

      4. Export to DVD

      I was never happy with the DVD export quality with other projects. BUT, working with green screen the export quality flaws are completelyunusable. I would suggest giving this little trick a try, you may not realize how much quality is being lost.

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