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      πŸ™ Hello I need help.I have trouble with the avid pro 7 breakout box.I trying to capture analog video from mine svhs vcr.I made all need connect to the breakout box.No video.I connect out of the svhs to the breakout box input.I coonect the usb to the usb outside of mine pc.Follow all steps to capture analog video.No video.How does the breakout capture video anywhere.My usb is 2.0.What are the step that i missed.I do no t know.I don;t know what is going on here.
      Hope to hear from anybody with some answers.

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      I have not updated to Avid 7 but I’m using Liquid Edition which is what your editing software was before it was bought by Avid. There is a setting in the software that I have to change from i Link to Live Video capture. That allows me to capture SVHS on my system. Good luck.

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