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      😀 Hi gang , any one running Avid Liquid 7 out there, if so like to hear from you

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      Not me, but have a friend running it

      So far he is happy. Waited for the service pax to come out 1st

      What do want to know?

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      Hey there — I’m using liquid 7.0…with the service packs, it’s running really well for me. I’ve been an Edition user for years. Love the stuff it can do. Did you have some questions?

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      Just Curious how you like LIquid over the Studio Versions.. I have studio 10 and I’m thinking of jumping on the liquid bandwagon..

      Outer Limit Graphics

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      I started out on Edition 5.0, and didn’t check out Studio until I had 7.0. There really is no comparison. Liquid edition gives you control over every aspect of editing — I found Studio infinitly frustrating because of the limitations on what it could do. There is a learning curve with Liquid, but because like to create my own effects, edit and mix my music, have more design options with my DVD authoring, and truly control my editing choices, Liquid is the way to go.

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      Hye there..Im new here..and also new with liquid. Just bought Avid Liquid 7 Pro few weeks ago. Right now im using it to do some annual dinner job.

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      I have edited with Media Composer, News Cutter, Express and a number of other NLE’s and I think Liquid Pro 7.1 is the most impressive system for the money.
      It’s very intuitive, user friendly and easy to master. Even for those with absolutley no previous NLE experience, someone could get on Liquid Pro, input material, make edits and output material in the first session.
      It has a very "pro" feel to it, the render times are excellent and the bundled plug in’s are something that I actually use—as opposed to pos software that’s just thown in to look more valuable.

      I give it an 8 out of 10. It’s not "symphony", but how many of us really need that kind of power?

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      Hi Jerry,

      If you can afford it – just do it. I actually run both. Studio is great to slap something together in if you want. [I also use Studio to ‘make’ and .avi to convert to flash.] But if you want control Liquid is all over it. The transitions, the finess, the extra channels, the added creativity . . . . I think you get the idea.

      Be forwarned – in Studio you can see and manulipate the files that make up your ‘project’. Once sucked into Avid they are no longer available for you to mess with outside of Avid. Windows doesn’t like to copy or back-up what you can’t see. I don’t know what it will do in RAID. So if you are trying to keep a mirror somewhere you need to address that <before> you start.

      I have had to start from scratch – that means go through the re-capture from DV. So I often capture from Studio and import into Avid, that way I always have the raw .avi file to work with. I am sure there are other work arounds but ‘old dogs’ you know.


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      Liquid Pro is the most under-rated editing software out there. It is extremely powerful, and leaves FCP is the dust. Its file management system is the best in the business, using simple Windows folder structures to keep track of media, timeline project data, imported graphics, audio files, etc. Very powerful way to keep everything together, or to export/archive files. Its built-in graphics (Title Deko Pro) is broadcast grade. A zillion effects, including Hollywood FX and Commotion, without even having to buy Boris. Built-in audio with 5.1 surround mixing… and capable of interfacing with XLR analog mics for ADR/foley and a fader controller for honest to goodness hands-on mixing (automated faders even). DVD authoring is also built-in; as is SmartSound music creation.

      If you combine Liquid Pro with a very powerful computer workstation, such as the VES/Delta 1000 (which was designed specifically to match the preferences of Liquid & Media Composer), the end results are so good and so fast as to be scarey.

      A lot of editors that we know use both Media Composer and Liquid — depending on whether it is an HD video project or a sprocketed film show.

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      I love Liquid! It is a onestop Shop. I have been using Liquid since version 6. As stated b4 there are many options and control. The only problem I have is it does not get the respect it deserves so you don’t know what plugins will work with it. I always have to call the company to find out. Justordered Media Composer.

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