avid liquid 7 or adobe 2.0

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      Just woundering witch would suit me best, i deal with alot of fast action video (motocross snowcross) ive used pinnicale in the past but want somthing thats a little more pro. i have pinnicale liquid 6 and it sucks for captureing.

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      I went with Sony Vegas 6+ DVD. As far as I’m concerned it beats both Pinnale Liqued and Premiere. Just my opion though, look around and see what will work for you.

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      Have you ever tried to capture in Studio 10 then upload/transfer video into Liquid?

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      I upgraded from Pinnacle 9 to Liquid 7, and now 7.1. I freaking LOVE it. I bought the Mind Meld tutorials and it has helped tremendously. I looked around at everything and just didn’t see the versatility with the other products… especially with everything on one platform.

      The thing that put me over the edge on my decision to go with the Liquid product was simply the price. The upgrade from Pinnacle stuff is CHEAP… and they have been running a special where it includes a lot of extra’s.

      By the way, 7.1 now has an EZ-Capture window that makes capturing a click of the mouse like Pinnacle does. But if you know how to use Liquid’s logging tool, you can be much more organized.

      Anyway, don’t know if you have seen this site with the Liquid tutorials, but check it out if you haven’t….


      Oh, and here is a link to the Mind Meld tutorial stuff. There are some examples of their training video, which is well worth the money!


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      -> well, Im onto Premiere 2.0 (from 1.5) before that I used a knock off version of Vegas Video called Video Explosion Deluxe — exact same platform as VV – in fact if you search back like in the Kevin Bacon story, you will find that VED is owned indirectly by Sony.

      Its whatever you feel most comfortable with. I’ve beat this to death, Avid, Mac, or Premiere – fact is, personally I know PCs – never used a Mac (FCP) – PC is more flexible in terms of upgrades and yu know what? the final outcome is the same.

      Dont look over your shoulder to see what the next guy is doing, just go with with what you are most comfortable with and dont sweat it. πŸ˜‰

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