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      New to Avid. Very frustated. The system gives me constant error messages. Is this normal? Is Avid known for being unstable? Anyway, I can’t get the source/record windows to stay in place when I open up the capture window. One window always disapears. Secondly, I can capture either audio OR video. If I select one Video track and two Audio tracks in the capture window, the audio will play (the audio level meters move and I can hear it) but not the video, it freezes. If I deselect the audio tracks in the capture window, I can see the video in the view window as it’s being captured, but there is of course no sound being captured.

      When I try playing about to get both the audio and video to capture while still being able to see the footage in the viewer window, I eventually end up with the error message…"! Exception.ADV AudioDev:TransferSamplesFromInput unexpectedly moved no samples."

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      What are your system spec’s? Is your computer set up for NLE systems or did you add this program to a standard computer?

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