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Hi Guys, I made my choice and purchased the Avid express Pro, but now I feel very stupid, does anybody now how can I play back my timeline on my computer screen (like in Final Cut or Premiere) and not directly on my camera?

I'm dying here and I have lookd all over the manual and I cannot find anything that tells me how to play back the F... timeline, the only think that I get when I press the play botton is to see the cursor moving and nothing happening but in the other hand on my camera everything is playing fine, I see the same thing on Premiere pro 1.5 ( I have this one too) but I can't make this happen on Avid Express....( I'm almost sending this software back)....Help...

Vampyre king

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First thing I'll check will be the enable digital video out under special pulldown menu. Hope it helps you.
Keep me posted.

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Looks like we have something in common. I purchased Avid Express Pro and also feel very stupid! I can use other editors fine but can't even do simple stuff in Avid Xpress Pro. I tried to send it back but videoguys.com said that I couldn't return it even though I was going exchange it for Premiere Pro 1.5. Good luck with Xpress Pro!


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so while you are trying to play the sequence on the timeline, your camera is hooked up to the computer?

I am a bit confused.

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I noticed that it took over 4 months to get your first reply.

Now, I enjoy this forum and have received some valuable help here. But I don't count on it for quick replies. When I need a quick reply I post on a Media Studio Pro forum (my editing software) and usually get an answer within a few hours. Perhaps there is an Avid Express forum that receives for traffic/users experienced with your software?

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I think they're as dead as they always were. Good source of information, yes, but that's all. On other forums discussions are lively, debates roll you can check it once a few minutes and you already got a reply, while here days and weeks will pass until someone reads your post.
There are a lot of professionals here, like Tom Scratch or my buddy compusolver, but they're probably too busy to see the rest of us common mortals :) when I was a n00b I was having a hard time understanding how this forum still works with an activity like this. Now I'm a regular and just don't care anymore.

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I don't think its just that everyone is too busy to deal with people. I think part of it is that we are all very diffrent and use diffrent things.

I haven't used half the equipment mentioned here, so i wait for a post i can professionally answer.

(I say professionally because i just got my degree..woohoo!)