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      Looking through this forum it seems as if everyone is using Adobe Premiere and suggesting it to other people. However, I always thought Avid was the leading editing software for professionals in film and television. Am I wrong or am I right? What are the differences between the 2? I use premiere at home and Avid at school. I also believe I saw Avid Editing being used in the bonus footage of Spider-Man 2. A Response would be awesome, Thanks.


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      Hey Guys!

      I currently have a gig of ram and Avid said I wold need at least 1.5 gb to edit in real time. Does know anything about this?

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      I use AVID and Final Cut. I like using both editing programs. Which one is better really depends on what it is you are trying to do and what type of project your working on.

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      Avid, Final Cut Pro, and Discreet (fire and smoke) systems are what most professionals are using. Premiere lacks in high end hardware support as well as high end formats such as dv50 and uncompressed formats. If you are looking to enter the professional market consider using one of the systems. The school i go to recently decided to abandon premiere due to lack of industry support. It will be replaced by final cut pro systems.

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